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Microsoft working on 300,000 player MMO and next Xbox?

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on May 31st, 2009

Microsoft working on 300,000 player MMO and next Xbox?A Microsoft job listing seems to hint that the company is working both on the successor to the Xbox 360 and a massively multi-player online game (MMO) capable of hosting 300,000 players all at a time.

The advertisement reads: “Microsoft Games Studios is looking for experienced game developers to work on next generation Xbox platform titles and Windows games.” Specifically, Microsoft Game Studios is looking for: “an experienced server developer to help develop our server architecture. We are building an extremely high performance system to extend console games to the server in new ways; creating a completely new set of web services to support dynamic programming information of games and scheduling data.” And that’s not all, Microsoft is currently “building a backend capable of hosting a 300,000 player game in real-time with real money on the line (anti-cheating, etc).”