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Sony NW-S205 Walkman

Posted in Digital Audio,Exercise Gadgets,Sony by Chetz on October 1st, 2006

Sony Walkman NW-S205FSThis new MP3 player from Sony definitely has the athlete in mind when they designed it. When you look at the NW-S205 Walkman it has athlete written all over it, beginning with the small and sleek design.

The NW-S205 (part of the new NW-S200 series from Sony) is only 3.8 inches long and has a diameter of .6 inches. The trade off for having something this small is the interface. It only has a one line small visual interface for reading the information, and some small twist and rocker controls to navigate, but once you get it running you are set.

For transferring data to the Walkman, there is a small USB port on the end that you can hook up to your PC and use the supplied software (SonicStage) to manage the data transfer. Some features of the NW-S205 Walkman:

The NW-S205 can hold up …

Boot your PC by Remote Control

Posted in Logisys,PCs,Remotes by Chetz on September 30th, 2006

Logisys Remote Multifunction PanelIn response to the increasing requests for non-mainstream customizations to personal PC’s Logisys has come out with a Remote Multi-functional Panel for your PC. The panel fits flush into a 5.25″ bay in your PC and can be used to boot and/or reset the PC remotely with the included remote control that is similar to a car key fob from up to 15 feet away.

This multifunction panel comes in black or silver, and has two temperature gauges to monitor the temperature of your hard drive and CPU. There is also a switch to adjust the fan speed, two USB 2.0 ports and one Firewire port.

Multifunctional Panel [Logisys]

Book Smart with Sony Reader

Posted in ebooks,Sony by Paul Patterson on September 29th, 2006

Sony Reader

Sony has announced the release of its new eBook – the Sony Reader. Boasting a revolutionary screen that reads like paper, the Sony Reader comes in a very compact and lightweight design that you can take anywhere.

The screen is daylight-readable, high contrast, high resolution, and a boasts a near 180º viewing angle. In addition, the text can be magnified for sight-impaired readers.

The Reader measures 6.9″ x 4.9″ x .5″, making it smaller than many paperbacks. Weighing in at about 9 ounces, its light enough to travel with you everywhere you go. The rechargeable battery powers you through up to 7,500 page turns, so you’re ready for that exciting page-turner, and can be recharged in 4 hours with the AC adapter.

You will be able to fit plenty of reading material with the 64MB of internal memory. There is a slot for optional removable …

Centon 1GB MP3 Player

Posted in Bargains by Darrin Olson on September 29th, 2006

Centon MP3 PlayerTiigerDirect has a Centon 1GB MP3 Player that usually sells for $37.99 now going for only $29.99 ending TODAY.

Centon’s Digital Music players are the ultimate portable storage device. With an integrated USB connector you can use the MP3 player as a flash drive & a traveling music player. Listen to hours of your favorite music where ever you go. Easy to use controls make this the choice of avid listeners. Plays multiple formats and bit rates. Plug and play USB 2.0 direct connection is built in. Small size lets you take your music anywhere.


Plays MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV & ASF
Digital Voice Recorder
Built in FM tuner
4 Line, backlit LCD Display
6 EQ modes: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classical, Soft, Jazz, …

Vertu Signature Model 2006 Handset

Posted in Mobile Phones by Darrin Olson on September 29th, 2006

Vertu Signature Model 2006Are you looking for the most expensive phone you can possibly buy? Well I don’t know if this is it, but it has to be towards the top of the list. This is the Vertu Signature Model 2006 mobile phone handset.

“Please note that there are two different Signature handsets available in our stores – Signature and Signature Model 2006. Signature Model 2006 is Vertu’s new model with new features. The following specification is for Signature Model 2006, which should not be confused with the specification for the Signature Model.”
-Vertu Website

Now that just sounds to me like someone working at a snooty store with things I can’t afford.

The Vertu Signature Model 2006 comes in different models (which are basically the colors) and include 18 carat white gold, 18 carat yellow gold, and a few versions of stainless steel.

Aside from talking on these phones, …

Suunto t4 – Your Own On-Hand Trainer

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Suunto,Watches by Darrin Olson on September 29th, 2006

Suunto t4 Coach WatchFor the athlete in training (or wants to be in training) the Suunto t4 monitors your progress through your heart rate and optional accessories to measure steps, and makes intelligent workout recommendations for frequency, duration and intensity.

The Suunto actually makes the recommendations and you can accept them or not, and it continues to change based on the work out you have done and what your heart rate is. If you skip out, this little wrist coach has you make it up, if you work hard, you might get a break next time.

With the Suunto Coach feature, the Suunto t4 generates a five day plan for improving your condition and keep you in shape. It tells you which days to workout with information on duration and intensity.

If you accept the suggested workout, the Suunto t4 will guide you …

Silva airPod To Measure Hang Time

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Outdoors,Silva by Chetz on September 29th, 2006

Silva Air time podHave you ever wondered just how out of control crazy you went with the last jump, or just how much hang time your buddy actually had when he took a huge jump going to fast when no one was looking?

Enter Silva “air time pod” to put these stories into some measurable reality via gadgetry. This gadget designed for use when skiing or snowboarding can actually measure your air time or “hang time” when worn while making the jump.

It shows the date, your hang time and the temperature when you did it. The air time pod from Silva will show your last 15 jumps’ air time, and some additional stats including air time by day, total combined air time for the year, temp, time, date and has an alarm.
This is one of a few items that Silva has come out with this year …


iZak Plays Your Media on Your TV

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Imaging,Digital Video,Television by Paul Patterson on September 29th, 2006

iZakAre you looking for a way to play that extensive media collection laying dormant on your PC? The iZak may just be the device you have been looking for.

The iZak is a simple to operate portable multimedia player for music, pictures, and video. The device will connect to any PC or Mac via USB-2 allowing you to copy your favorite music, movies, pictures, or data files. Once your data has been transferred to iZak, you can connect it to any TV to watch movies, view photos, or listen to your digital music.

The iZak supports any standard display device with an external input. This includes TVs, Video Monitors, Plasmas, video Projectors, and GA monitors. You can watch your favorite films in HDTV quality Video and Dolby Digital or DTS quality Audio.

The iZak is a creation of Unibrain, a global leader in the development of FireWire …

Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder

Posted in Digital Video,Neuros by Darrin Olson on September 28th, 2006

Neuros MPEG4 RecorderThe idea behind the Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder is not a complicated one, and that is what makes this such handy gadget.

You can use this device just as you would a VCR, except that instead of recording onto tapes, your record onto digital media (MS Duo / ProDuo, CF and Microdrives) that will run in your mobile device. Normally any television shows or movies you want to watch are subject to what you can download from the internet. With the Neuros recorder you can set it, without subscription fees, to record any show you want from your cable, satellite or camcorder right onto your memory card. You can then play your video in off of the media card on your portable device, such as your PDA, laptop, PSP, iPOD or smartphone.

Simple idea, slick results.

Source [NeurosAudio]

Zune will be Yours Soon

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,Microsoft,Zune by Quagmire on September 28th, 2006

ZuneMicrosoft has announced the price and launch date for its Zune digital music player and service. The new player will be available in the US on November 14th and will be priced at $249 (USD). Microsoft also announced that the monthly subscription to its new music service would cost $14.99 or 79 points per track using Microsoft’s point system.

You won’t be empty handed as the Zune will also come pre-loaded with a variety of songs and music videos. The audio tracks include: Band of Horses, “Wicked Gil” (Sub Pop Records), Bitter:Sweet, “The Mating Game” (Quango Music Group), CSS, “Alala (Microsoft edit)” (Sub Pop Records), Darkel, “At The End of The Sky (edit)” (Astralwerks), Every Move a Picture, “Signs of Life” (V2), Small Sins, “Stay” (Astralwerks), The Adored, “Tell Me Tell Me” (V2), The Rakes, “Open Book” (V2), The Thermals, “A Pillar of …

Fossil MBW-100 Watch Interfaces Mobile Phone

Posted in Fossil,Sony Ericsson,Watches by Darrin Olson on September 28th, 2006

Fossil MBW-100

Sony Ericsson and Fossil went in together to make this blue tooth enabled BMW-100, no wait, it was the WMB-100..no the MBW-100 watch. Man did I get that wrong a number of times writing this. The MBW-100 from Fossil uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity to connect with certain models of Sony Ericsson mobile phones including the Sony Walkmans.
When the phone rings you can use the MBW-100 watch to see the caller id information to quickly see who is calling without having to look at your phone. You can then use the phone to stop the ringing if you choose not to answer. The MBW-100 also lets you run the some multimedia features of the mobile phone as well. This makes some common functions easily workable from the convenience of your wrist instead of having to grab your phone from it’s holder or …


Fossil Watch Integrates with Cell Phone

Posted in Watches by Paul Patterson on September 28th, 2006

Fossil FX6001Sure, your watch can tell the time and date, but can it tell you who is calling on your cell phone? A new line of innovative timepieces from Fossil has been designed to do just that. The new watches will allow users to view incoming caller ID information on the watch face.

The Caller ID wristwatch will incorporate Bluetooth wireless technology and simplify how people interact with their mobile phones. The watches are also intended to make a cutting-edge fashion statement, yet be practical with serious functionality which allows users stay connected without compromising style.

The analog/digital watch links via Bluetooth to certain cellular phones allowing users to view incoming caller ID information on the watch face. No longer will you need to dig your phone out of your pocket or purse. The watch will allow users to quickly and discreetly see who is …

Join the Rabbit Community with Nabaztag

Posted in Robots,Smart Devices by Paul Patterson on September 28th, 2006


Ahhh, what could be more adorable than a little bunny that reads your email?

The Nabaztag is a very curious piece of technology appearing at this week’s DEMOfall 2006 conference. DEMOfall is a showcase of the world’s most promising new technologies and a sneak peek at the future of the technology business.

Nabaztag is the creation from French company Violet. Nabaztag is a 9 inch tall plastic white bunny that connects wirelessly to your home computer network. Some of the bunny’s key features include:

Its ears can spin or move up or down to notify you of incoming e-mail or the rise and fall of stocks.
Read email or news headlines aloud by converting the text to speech.
Announce the current time or play songs from your digital music collection.
Issue a weather report by mean of color lights that glow from inside its belly.
Performs according …

Sharp Triple View on One LCD

Posted in LCD,Sharp by Chetz on September 28th, 2006

Sharp Triple View

Sharp has one up’d themselves since their release of the double view LCD monitor with this new triple view LCD. In case you are not familiar, this is not splitting the screen across multiple monitors. This is one monitor showing three different pictures depending on what angle you are viewing from.

The picture in this post is showing the 3 images of the LCD screen are being shown; from the front, the left and the right. At first, aside from just being kind of cool you might wonder what good this is exactly. I mean, I used multiple monitors for programming and now feel I need them for everything, but I am always looking straight on.

The application for this goes way beyond just computer monitors, though. The double view is already being used in some GPS systems in cars, where the passenger can be scrolling …

Nokia N75 – The Smaller New Multimedia Computer

Posted in Mobile Phones,Nokia,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 27th, 2006

Nokia N75

As the smallest of the new “multimedia computers” that have been announced recently by Nokia, the N75 mobile phone does not lack in it’s multimedia features. The N75 has a clam shell design with a pretty slick multimedia interface and screen that is viewable and runs when the device is closed, which makes it real handy to navigate music, pictures and video without having to even open it up. The 2 megapixel camera on the Nokia N75 mobile phone has a dedicated button to allow for quick capture of photos, as well.

The N75 also has a web browser built in to support viewing the original format of web pages and can download rss feeds with a reader to allow for reading news and information right on your phone. You can also stay connected with features for setting up email accounts or SMS and MMS. And …