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T-Mobile Dash A Serious Threat for the Q and Others

Posted in Mobile Phones,PDAs,Smart Devices,T-Mobile by Darrin Olson on October 28th, 2006

T-Mobile  DashIt was only a matter of time before the Motorola Q would have some serious competition, and the T-Mobile Dash from HTC has proven to be just that, causing the Q to have to share some space at the top of the list of smart phones.

The T-Mobile Dash running Windows Mobile has made a nice design in a smart phone with a full Qwerty keyboard so users can bring their office with them in their pocket. The Dash has a pretty impressive feature set that makes it a force to be reckoned with, starting with it’s integrated WiFi, which immediately puts it a step ahead of the Moto Q and BlackBerry devices. It also has supports Bluetooth connectivity, the ability to push emails and a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera. The T-Mobile Dash also has an impressive battery life rated for 5 hours of …

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Wii Game Feature

Posted in Games,Nintendo,Wii by Paul Patterson on October 28th, 2006

The Last AirbenderThis is the first installment in a multipart series featuring the games for the Nintendo Wii. The series will focus on how game developers make use of the Wii controllers to create a unique gaming experience. This installment will feature Avatar: The Last Airbender from THQ.

The Last Airbender 2Avatar: The Last Airbender is based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, and lets you play as Aang, Katara, Sokka and Haru. The Last Airbender takes place in a magical world containing humans, unique animals, and supernatural spirits. The Human faction is divided into four nations: the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads. Each nation contains people called benders who possess a unique ability called bending which allows them to control their native element such as water bending, …

Apple’s Fix For MacBook Shutdown – Is it Working?

Posted in Apple by Darrin Olson on October 27th, 2006

Apple MacBook ShutdownIf you are one of the many that have suffered from the random, unexpected shutdown problem that has been plaguing the Apple MacBooks as of late, you’ll be happy to hear that Apple has released a fix to the problem, and the fix can be done in lieu of bringing your MacBook in for service.

For about 4 months this issue has been cropping up in many places, and so much so that http://www.macbookrandomshutdown.com was created and has gained quite a bit of popularity due to the common issue with over 1500 reports listed with over 150 pages of user comments on the complaint site, and is an unfortunate hit to the new Apple notebooks with Intel Processors.

No reports have been issued as to the results of how well the update is working. Some users have said that the problem is related …

Helix – Satellite Radio And MP3 In One Gadget

Posted in MP3,Samsung,Satellite Radio by Chetz on October 27th, 2006

Samsung Helix Satellite RadioThe Helix satellite radio player offers XM satellite radio and MP3 music on the same mobile gadget. Now I think that is cool.

It has a nice color screen for navigation and viewing of stock quotes and sport scores, and you can also put your MP3’s on the device. When you are tired of them, turn on the XM radio. If you hear a song you like, even if you are half way through it you can record it to the Helix from the start. Samsung and XM have gone in together on a deal to make an improved music listening experience, along with an interface to make finding what you want easy and enjoyable.

You can also record shows onto the Helix player, so if there is something coming up on XM satellite radio that you are going to miss, you …

P903i Mobile Phone Kicks Security Up A Notch

Posted in Mobile Phones,News,Security by Chetz on October 27th, 2006

P903i from NTT DoCoMoA Japanese phone company – NTT DoCoMo – has taken mobile phone security to a new level with it’s new P903i Mobile Phone. The P903i has a couple new, unique and very secure features that are pretty interesting.

The first of the features involve carrying around a small black electronic card that communicates wirelessly with the phone. The phone senses it’s proximity to the card and locks itself if it gets too far away. It then cannot be used to make a call or obtain information at that point. The owner of this extra-secure phone can keep the small card in a purse or pocket so that it is always close. Distances for the mobile phone from the card can be configured for 26 feet, 66 feet or 130 feet away.

If the owner of the phone loses this security card, they can enter …

40 Mile ZigBee Range with MaxStream XBee XTender

Posted in News by Paul Patterson on October 27th, 2006

XBee XTender RF BridgeThe MaxStream XBee XTender Wireless Bridge extends the range of ZigBee and 802.15.4 networks up to 40 miles. This will provide a viable solution to those customers who want to monitor locations beyond the range of ZigBee networks.

MaxStream has combined the capabilities of the XBee and XTend devices into the XBee XTender. This new wireless bridge permits networks operating under the ZigBee or 802.15.4 wireless standards to communicate data up to 40 miles away via the 900 MHz 1-Watt XTend RF modem.

“As a ZigBee market leader, MaxStream has unique visibility into practical problems faced by customers implementing ZigBee and 802.15.4 networks,” said Larry Kraft, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Digi International. “The XBee XTender is a fast, easy way to wirelessly connect to remote ZigBee networks.”

ZigBee is a specification for high level communication protocols based on …

Energy Efficient StepNote NC1500 Notebook

Posted in News,Notebooks by Darrin Olson on October 27th, 2006

StepNote NC 1500 Energy Effecient NotebookEverex Systems, a maker of PC’s and notebooks, along with Via Technologies, who also has the world’s first carbon free processor, have together unveiled the energy-efficient StepNote NC1500 notebook.

The StepNote NC1500 comes with a 15.4-inch wide-screen display, built-in wireless LAN, a DVD burner, and contains the Via C7-M processor from Via Technologies to provide ultra-low power consumption, advanced security features, and does all this at a performance of 1.5GHz using only 12W peak power.

According to the two companies, the StepNote NC1500’s utilization of Via’s Enhanced PowerSaver technology along with its TwinTurbo allow the laptop to automatically transition between different power states, providing a 2battery life that can be up to 20 percent longer than other comparable systems. This combined commitment between these two companies was done to provide a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly notebook. By using less electricity, the NC1500 …


StrideLite Jacket Strobes for Night Running

Posted in Apparel,Exercise Gadgets by Chetz on October 26th, 2006

StrideLite Strobe Light Jacket

StrideLite has taken reflective jackets to the next level for lighted safety while running or walking in the dark. This jacket not only has reflective strips, but also has bright, blinking strobe lights to ensure you will be noticed while biking, running or walking at night.

The StridLite jackets have designs for men and women, and come in hardshell and softshell designs. Products also include a running belt and an umbrella. The strobe light embedded jackets are completely water proof, very light weight and run off of 2 “AAA” batteries that give the lights over 300 hours of run time.

StrideLite says that more gear is coming soon, such as hydration packs and vests.

More Info [Stridelite]

Nokia Mobile Premiere of Mission Impossible 3

Posted in News,Nokia by Paul Patterson on October 26th, 2006

Nokia N93Nokia today announced the launch of the third installment in the Mission Impossible franchise on memory cards to coincide with the film’s DVD release. This full length version of M:i:III will be available on memory cards exclusively with Nokia Nseries multimedia computers. The film will be also offered as part of the Nokia N93 sales package with no additional cost to consumers.

The Nokia N93 sports a high definition 2.4″ QVGA color screen making it a great mobile platform for watching videos. The film is supplied on a 512MB miniSD card and runs at 25 frames per second. The N93 allows you to rewind, fast forward, stop and continue watching the movie anytime and once you have watched the movie, you can store it on your PC.

“Combining the exciting innovations of Nokia N93 with a film as cutting edge as M:i:III makes for

iRecord Directly to your iPod or PSP

Posted in Digital Video by Paul Patterson on October 26th, 2006

iRecordThe iRecord Personal Media Recorder allows you to record movies or TV shows directly to your iPod, PSP or any other USB mass storage device or portable media player without the need of a computer to do the transfer.

iRecord works by recording analog video and audio from any source with S-video or RCA video and audio outputs, including DVD players, TVs, TiVo, VCR or any cable/satellite set-top box.

iRecord uses various compression techniques to give you up to 3 hours of video/audio recording per Gigabyte of storage. The iRecord encodes H.264 video in real-time at the standard iPod and PSP resolution of 320×240. iRecord is also able to record MP3 audio directly to most iPod models.

The iRecord is available now for $199.

Humminbird SmartCast Watch Fishfinder

Posted in Outdoors,Watches by Darrin Olson on October 26th, 2006

HumminBird SmartCastIt’s not too often that we see many fishing gadgets, but if you are looking for a gift for the fisherman that has everything, they might not have the Humminbird SmartCast Watch Fishfinder.

This wireless fishfinder utilize a transducer called a Remote Sonar Sensor (which adds a new definition to RSS). The sensor weighs only about one ounce and is cast into the water with your normal rod and real as if it were a regular lure or bobber attached to your line. The small Hummingbird fishfinder sends and receives sonar signals to find the water depth, the presence of fish and any underwater structures, and then uses a wireless link to transmit that data to the display on your wristwatch.

The floating fishfinder can transmit up to 75 feet from the watch, and can read accurately to depths …


Get in the Game with Motorola Gaming Headset X205

Posted in Headphones,Motorola by Quagmire on October 25th, 2006

Motorola Gaming HeadsetInspired by the NFL Coaches Headset, The Motorola Gaming Headset X205, blends enhanced capabilities such as voice command technology and genuine NFL design to re-define the football video gaming experience and hopefully inspire you to coaching greatness. Based on the actual headset worn by NFL coaches, this version has been modified for the ultimate online gaming experience with high-quality microphone and materials to give the user clear voice communication and gaming voice commands.

The Gaming Headset X205 lets gamers call the shots with voice recognition technology that allows you to pause or call plays; just state a command and receive real time results as if you were coaching from the sideline. Other features include inline mute and volume controls for seamless sound management.

“We are thrilled to step into the gaming space with this unique experience for football video game enthusiasts,” said

Cingular Unveils HP iPAQ hw6920

Posted in HP,Mobile Phones,News,PDAs,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on October 25th, 2006

HP iPAQ hw6920

On October 31st Cingular will be offering wireless customers a new mobile device from HP called the iPAQ hw6920.

The iPAQ hw6920 Mobile Messenger utilizes not only Cingular’s GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless network but also has the communication capabilities of Wi-Fi, GPS, infrared transfers and Bluetooth.

The hw6920 runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 with features such as Internet Explorer, Outlook and Windows Media Player, and the hw6925 model has a 1.3-megapixel HP Photosmart camera that can take still pictures and videos.

“HP is making it simple for customers to stay connected and work effectively when on the move,” said Alain Debost, director of handheld business unit NA for HP. “By combining the iPAQ hw6920 series wireless email, voice and fast data access with Cingular’s expansive network, we are allowing customers to tap into the information and rich content they want, …

Mozilla FireFox 2.0 Is Available

Posted in FireWire,News,Services by Chetz on October 25th, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2.0Not long after the release of the new MS IE, this week Mozilla released Firefox 2.0, which is the next major version of its Web browser with increased security enhancements and a number of new features having the intentions of making Web browsing a little bit more fun and a lot more intuitive. If you have been a frequent user of Firefox, the changes on the surface may not be too astonoshing, but there are some that are worth mentioning.

One of the key features included in the Firefox 2.0 web browser is Tabbed browsing, which is a component that Mozilla originally created and is now available on IE7 which allows a user to quickly switch between multiple differnt Web sites within the same program window intead of having multiple instances of the browser open. The red ‘X’ to close each web site …

Roll Your Keyboard With ElekTex Fabric

Posted in Bluetooth,Keyboards by Darrin Olson on October 25th, 2006

Elektex Fabrick KeyboardThe Elektex Fabric Keyboard is a go-anywhere keyboard that you can use with your mobile device to get a full-size QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips, literally, wherever you go.

The keyboard is made of fabric so it rolls up into something small enough to fit into your pocket, and runs off of 2AA batteries at one end. It uses wireless Bluetooth connectivity, so there is no wires to connect to your PDA or SmartPhone. The Elektex fabric keyboard has no moving mechanical parts like a standard keyboard and is very lightweight, coming in at only 68 grams.

Product Page [ELektex]