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Yahoo! Pipes is RSS Feed Mashup Editor

Posted in pipes,Websites,Yahoo by Paul Patterson on February 9th, 2007

Yahoo! Pipes RSS Feed EditorYahoo! has introduced a new online service called Pipes that allows you to create unique mashups of RSS feeds by manipulating and aggregating feeds to create a new feed that is more useful and relevant. For example, you could combine the feed from the NewYork Times with Flickr and see Flicker images relating to the articles.

To create a Pipe, you use a visual editor to edit and filter different types of feeds. Pipes consist of pre-configured modules which are drug onto the editor’s canvas and then wired together in a chain in which one module’s output becomes the input for the next module. Each module performs a single, specific task. For example, the Fetch module will retrieve a feed URL, while the Sort module will re-order a feed based on criteria you provide. There are currently over 20 different