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CuPhone develops USB to phone adaptor for Skype

Posted in VoIP by Nino Marchetti on May 9th, 2008

CuPhone “Echo Free” USB-to-Phone Adaptor

A company by the name of CuPhone has introduced a simple USB adapter for using your regular phone as a Skype device. It is called the “Echo Free” USB-to-Phone Adaptor and you’ll find it pricing around $34.

The CuPhone “Echo Free” USB-to-Phone Adaptor plugs into the USB port of a PC, allowing “the user to plug his regular phone into the RJ11 port on the adaptor to make and receive either Skype or normal landline” calls. The adaptor has built-in echo cancellation technology to improve audio quality.

Thompson Symbio DECT VoIP phone

Posted in VoIP by Conner Flynn on March 14th, 2008

Thompson Symbio DECT VoIP phone
The Symbio phone is from Thompson and it has an interesting even stunning look, though looks are not all it has. It works as a VoIP phone but it’s cordless too (DECT), and even has internet radio built in as well as being able to download RSS feeds.

It even comes with integrated rechargeable batteries, which allows you to carry it around for about 6 hours as you listen to internet radio stations and or make calls. Nothing yet as far as pricing and availability, but it’s sure to be a hit with some nice features and daring design.

Ipevo brings new Skype speaker phone to market

Posted in Skype,VoIP by Nino Marchetti on December 4th, 2007

Ipevo TrioIpevo, a developer of hardware which lets users access Web services like Skype, announced today the U.S. availability of a three-in-one Skype phone. The Ipevo Trio is priced at around $80.

The Ipevo Trio combines a speaker phone, conference phone and personal handset into one unit. It can be used either in an upright stance, lying flat on a table or held in one’s hand. It’s tied into the Skype VoIP service and requires a USB connection to a host computer to be used.

Ooma Offers Free Domestic Calls For Life

Posted in News,Ooma,Services,VoIP by Chris Weber on July 19th, 2007

Ooma provides free domestic phone calls, voice mail through broadbandA start-up company called Ooma has announced a new service that could provide free domestic calls through your existing home phone, for life. The program requires you to have a broadband internet connection, your own phone and preferable an active land line for you phone, but that’s not required as long as there are enough people that do.

Through a one-time purchase of a $399 “box” from Ooma you can connect it to your existing phone and make calls that are routed through the Ooma network. The system works through something called P2P, which relies on a network of people that have the Ooma system to be able to route calls across the country somewhat similar to how BitTorrent works, but for voice.

For the system to actually work there needs to be a number of people involved, so aside …

Voiis Mini Pocket Messenger

Posted in Bluetooth,Mobile Phones,Skype,VoIP by Chetz on June 14th, 2007

Voiis Mini Pocket MessengerThe Voiis Mini Pocket Messenger phone is one of those sweet looking pieces of sexy hardware that looks like it belongs on the Discovery spaceship seen in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

It connects with your PC via Bluetooth tech and then lets you have wireless Skype, Windows Media Player, iTunes, MSN Messenger fun while you stand within a 100 meter range of the base. It also has a built-in microphone, headphones, a 1.2-inch color display and a 3.5mm headphone slot in case you want to plug in your own choice of sonic earmuffs.

Battery life is about six hours in use (via rechargeable Lithium Ion) and about 72 hours in standby mode. If you’re always stuck in the office or home and want to be connected online all the time to your “Second Life” buddies or IMs from net friends then this …

Buffalo BSKP-CU202/SV VoIP Speakerphone

Posted in Buffalo,Skype,VoIP by Chetz on April 30th, 2007

Buffalo BSKP-CU202/SV speakerphoneThis gunmetal gray number that you’re looking at is Buffalo’s BSKP-CU202/SV speakerphone. It’s for VoIP calls and it’s Skype compatible, but the best thing is that all the juice it needs to run comes straight from your computer’s USB port and no more than that.

Also, you don’t need any drivers to run it…yup, it’s supposedly totally plug and talk away. There is a headphone jack on the speaker’s backside so you can switch over when the conversation needs to be private. It’s also got echo cancellation technology too to reduce the background noise. The main speaker pumps out 4 watts while the two sides are 1 W each.

Buffalo just shipped it to the Japanese market and if you can find a Nippon vendor that ships to your doorstop it should cost you about $82.

via Engadget

HP iPAQ Voice Messenger

Posted in HP,Mobile Phones,Smart Devices,VoIP by Darrin Olson on February 12th, 2007

HP iPAQ Voice Messenger 500 series mobile phoneToday HP announced a new iPAQ smartphone to their product lineup featuring voice control and hands-free functions along with any array of wireless connectivity.

The new iPAQ 500 series Voice Messenger phones can understand over 20 different voice commands, include a voice reply command that allows the user to dictate their voice into an email message and send it, never having to key anything into the phone. The voice commands also control navigation of the phones menus and will read email and text messages so the user can listen to them instead of reading them.

The new iPAQ runs on the new Windows Mobile 6 OS and supports VoIP via built-in WiFi, “push” email, Bluetooth and GSM/EDGE.

“Busy professionals are constantly flooded with email and looking for ways to quickly and easily manage it and move on with their day, …


Ericsson Introduces Femto Cell Solution

Posted in Ericsson,News,VoIP by Paul Patterson on February 11th, 2007

Ericsson Launches Femto Cell SolutionEricsson introduced its new Femto Cell Solution on Friday. The new access point will give consumers using GSM and WCDMA phones the ability to make VoIP calls using their mobile phones at home to take advantage of cheaper rates.

The Femto Cell Solution is a personal-sized home access point with WiFi and ADSL compatibility. Ericsson claims that the solution will give operators the opportunity to offer home-zone packages and strengthen its relationship with subscribers and also provide incentives for all users in a household to have the same mobile operator.

Ulf Ewaldsson, Vice President and Head of Product Area Radio at Ericsson, says: “This is a major technological breakthrough. Ericsson’s Femto Cell Solution enables mobile operators to compete on the fixed access market, offering price-competitive, innovative and secure services to their customers.”

You will have to wait a little while longer to use the …

Femto to Wipe Out WiFi VoIP

Posted in Mobile Phones,News,VoIP by Darrin Olson on January 30th, 2007

femto to challenge WiFi VoIP phones with 3G basesA recent report by Unstrung Insider shows that 3G home base stations “Femto cells” could pose a market challenge for WiFi VoIP phones in homes and businesses. According to the report, “Ultra-low-cost home base stations that allow wireless users to communicate across any IP access network using a standard mobile handset will challenge WiFi VOIP for dominance in the consumer fixed/mobile convergence (FMC) market. ”

What this report is referring to is a challenge between phones such as the WiFiFone from Samsung, or one of the iPhone’s from Linksys (not Apple) and mobile phones that utilize a more traditional 3G technology which has a much broader coverage area.

The Femto cells are basically home base stations, much like a WiFi base station, which are connected to a broadband internet service. Instead of being hotspots for WiFi connections, Femto cells …

Gizmo Project VoIP Client for Nokia N800

Posted in Gizmo Project,Nokia,VoIP by Paul Patterson on January 23rd, 2007

Gizmo Project for Nokia N800 Internet TabletGizmo Project has created a special version of their VoIP client for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. With just a few taps of the stylus, you can can make crystal clear Wifi calls using Gizmo Project. The key features of Gizmo for the N800 include:

Use your Internet Tablet to make Internet phone calls.
Free calls to other Gimzo, Google Talk or MSN users.
Ultra cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world.
Voicemail, call forwarding and conference calling included.
Access your existing Gizmo Project contacts from the Nokia N800.
Presence lets you instantly see which of your contacts are online.

Gizmo Project for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Screenshot

Gizmo Project comes from the team who developed the SIPphone VoIP platform. Gizmo is a software application that allows you to make free computer-based calls to other Gizmo …

iCall is Free VoIP Alternative

Posted in iCall,VoIP by Paul Patterson on January 15th, 2007

iCall is Free VoIP AlternativeiCall is a VoIP service that allows you to make free outgoing calls to the US and Canada and receive free incoming calls from anywhere in the world.

More specifically, iCall is a software application that you download and install on your computer. iCall requires an Internet connection (cable, DSL, wireless, or dial-up) and a PC to access the telephone network.

To place a call, you start the iCall service on your computer and type in a phone number. iCall then uses your Internet connection to connect the call.

iCall also offers free inbound access numbers in almost every US area code so that your friends call you. They just need to call the access number in your state and enter your iCall extension. iCall extensions are free with a membership.

iCall makes its money by inviting its users to call the businesses who …


MobiBlu Boxon Audio/Video Player

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,MobiBlu,VoIP by Chetz on January 11th, 2007

MobiBlue Boxon Audio and Video PlayerThe new Boxon video and audio player from MobiBlu looks a little like a small, old-school pager in this photo, but its capabilities are far greater.

This little 1 ounce device is surprisingly loaded with features that a person might not expect from such a small device. Of course it can play music and MPEG4 video, as well as view still photos and stores them on flash memory in sizes of 1GB and 2GB.

The Boxon can also receive FM radio, and record it direct to the device into MP3 files, along with voice and any in-line recording. It also features a sleep mode to promote battery life and fade-in music to keep from scaring listeners when the audio starts.

The device from MobiBlu connects via USB, so it can also be used to store your files as a mass storage device, and …

ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Conference Phone

Posted in Bluetooth,USB,VoIP by Chris Weber on January 4th, 2007

clear sky bluetooth voip conference phoneFor those mobile entrepreneurs who still need the dreaded conference call, the conference room just got a little more mobile. No need to schedule out a conference room weeks in advance just to make sure you have access to the good speaker phone. Find a quiet room anyplace with an internet connection and you’re good to go. You just plug the Bluetooth adapter into a USB port on your laptop and an instant conference center is at your disposal.

The phone has its own batteries so you don’t even need A/C power if you have a laptop. The battery on the unit can be recharged from your laptops USB port.

This kit includes full support for Skype with built in Skype features like SkypeOUt and SkypeIn.

A headset may also be used with this device. The unit has built …

Linksys Unveils VoIP iPhone Family

Posted in Cisco,Linksys,News,VoIP by Darrin Olson on December 18th, 2006

Linksys Announces VoIP iPhone FamilyToday Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems announced its new iPhone family of VoIP handsets. Linksys has been a long time provider of small office and home networking solutions, and the iPhone series is intended to help the same market further take advantage of the internet and networking by combining VoIP, WiFi, Skype and standard telephone services into their handhelds.

This release has come as a surprise to a lot of Apple fans who have been eagerly anticipating a release of the iPhone based on rumors that fully expected it to be a product of Apple combining mobile phone features to that of an iPod.

Linksys has released the following seven handset solutions in the iPhone family that have different combinations of features and services. All area available globally now at the listed estimated prices:

* iPhone Cordless Internet Telephony Kit – CIT200- …

Linksys Announces iPhone – Not Apple

Posted in Cisco,iPhone,Linksys,Mobile Phones,News,VoIP by Chetz on December 18th, 2006

iPhone Announced by LinksysThere has been a lot of anticipation for the release of the iPhone, with thoughts of the ultimate multimedia phone from Apple combining the coolest features of a mobile handset with the coolest features of an iPod. That may still happen, but it won’t be called the iPhone.

Today Linksys announced the release of the Linksys iPhone family, a series of seven VoIP handsets that support different combinations of VoIP, Wireless-G, Skype and standard telephone services. While this announcement is still an impressive offering from Linksys, it has left many Apple fans slightly disappointed after waiting in excited anticipation for the Apple iPhone, not the Linksys iPhone. Apparently Cisco, the parent of Linksys, has owned the iPhone name all along. They acquired it in 2000 when they bought Infogear, who acquired the trademark for iPhone 10 years ago.

The phone pictured here is the …

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