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V-MODA debuts Apple iPhone friendly headset

Posted in Headphones,Headsets,V-MODA by Nino Marchetti on October 2nd, 2007

V-MODA VIBE DuoV-MODA, a “music lifestyle” brand out of Hollywood, is out today with a new iPhone targeted headset. The VIBE Duo is priced at around $100 and should be available now.

The V-MODA VIBE Duo is designed to be part of a line of “luxury, high-fashion modaphones.” Good looks and swank marketing aside these headphones do seem to offer a good deal of iPhone functionality. You’ve got built-in control-playback functionality so you can take a call via a microphone with a call button, finish the call and return to your music via a hands-free experience. There are also three-sizes of soft silicon fittings to provide a more cozy fit.