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FlareSafe Safety Flashlight

Posted in Outdoors,Torches by Darrin Olson on June 3rd, 2007

FlareSafe safety flashlight features smoke detector and siren.Having a flashlight during outdoor activities and especially overnight trips is a must and this 3-in-1 FlareSafe flashlight can add a little more safety to your outing.

The flashlight alone consists of four LED’s that can be set for high-beam, low-beam or in an SOS strobe mode, but the light part of this gadget isn’t the coolest feature. The FlareSafe also has an optical smoke detector built in. By twisting open the back of the handle part way you expose the sensor which will alarm the second it detects smoke. You can keep it closed tight around campfires, but be able to sleep more soundly at night with it on.

The 3rd part of this safety flashlight is the distress siren. Press an orange button on the side of the shaft and a distress alarm sounds that can be heard from over …