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Subscribe! It’s free, easy and the right thing to do

Posted in RSS,Services by Darrin Olson on June 21st, 2008

Subscribe to SlipperyBrick.comIt’s been brought to our a attention that a few of our visitors who enjoy reading about the latest in technology and gadgets at the ‘Brick aren’t all that familiar with our available feed and email subscription. Due to this we thought we’d take a moment to answer a few of the questions we’ve received regarding feed and email subscriptions for SlipperyBrick.com.

What is a feed?
Our feed is a scaled down version of the SlipperyBrick.com website that has all of our latest articles including the text and any associated images. The feed data gets updated immediately each and every time we release new information. It costs you nothing to subscribe to and you can unsubscribe on your own at any time.

CES 2008

TiVo to let you view Web video via RSS

Posted in CES 2008,DVR,RSS,Tivo by Nino Marchetti on January 9th, 2008

tivo-ces08.jpgDVR heavyweight TiVo has been relatively quiet at CES this year, making only one announcement of note. It’s a pretty big deal, at least to TiVo users. TiVo is planning to let its customer base make use of RSS feeds to pull down Web video content for view on their DVRs. The company plans to roll out this service addition in March.

TiVo said specifically customers who upgrade to TiVo’s newest pay for desktop software will be able to use the DVR’s Season Pass functionality to schedule and automatically download new Web video across a variety of categories.

FeedVision’s RSS Ticker – Mr. Tipster

Posted in FeedVision,RSS by Chetz on October 14th, 2006

Feedvision Mister TipsterA new angle on the RSS reader front came across my desk via email, but if you had the Mister Tipster RSS Display from Feedvision you would no doubt be alerted by of this, and other cool new gadgets, by an indicator light on the your Mister Tipster which is triggered by keywords in your subscribed RSS feeds.

Mister Tipster is a peripheral device to your PC that has some associated software to help you subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds and have them display on this small device sitting on your desk, without taking up room on your screen.

Indicator lights can be set at 3 different levels to let you know when keywords that you define at different priorities come across your feed. You can then view feeds that interest you further by using your PC.

The retro design of the Mister Tipster is …