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Takara Tomy RC Mario Karts

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on June 26th, 2010

Mario Kart is now in 3D, as in these are real life rc Mario Karts that you can race. The action isn’t limited to the screen anymore thanks to Takara Tomy of Japan, offering real life RC Mario Karts. The controller actually contains items that you can throw at other players including the usual green shell, red shell and banana peel.

If you throw a banana, an IR light will show up on your rear so that whoever hits it will crash off course just like in the video game. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Beverage Buggy

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on May 3rd, 2010

Beer + Buggy = You getting drunk without having to move your ass off the couch. Let’s face it, it’s 2010 and by now we should be able to go to Walmart and buy a robot butler who will bring us beer, but that isn’t the case. So we will just have to work with what we have.

And what we have is RC vehicles. They will have to do. Like this fully functional Beverage Buggy, which delivers two cans or bottles of your favorite drink(beer) in a radio-control dune buggy. But who is going to load that beer into the buggy?

AR.DRONE From Parrot controlled by iPhone

Posted in R/C Toys by Darrin Olson on January 11th, 2010

ar.drone controlled by iPhoneThe folks at Parrot have released a new toy RC toy called the AR.Drone, a “quadricopter” that can be controlled and viewed with an iPhone or iPod touch through a WiFi connection. The AR.DRONE works like a remote control helicopter with four separate helicopter blades to maneuver the device, but that is definitely not what makes this copter cool.

What really sets this guy apart from the others is that you can control it with your iPhone or iPod touch using the built-in accelerometers which will sense which way you tip the phone and maneuver the AR.Drone accordingly. The quadricopter also has a couple of cameras on board, one for “seeing” what the AR.Drone sees real-time through the iPhone, but also another camera on the bottom which can track speed and help the ‘copter maintain a still flight.

Target’s remote control gift card

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on December 1st, 2009

Target's remote control gift cardTarget has something new up its sleeve this holiday season. A Remote Control Gift Card which looks like a slab of Swiss cheese. The remote controls a tiny red car with a mouse inside. You can do the usual RC car thing, moving it forward and back.

The Target Remote Control Gift Cards will start at $25 all the way up to $1,000. That’s one expensive piece of cheese with a mouse car. Still, it’s a nifty idea. I wonder how they will upgrade the gift card next.

Mini HoverDrone is sure to annoy those around you

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on November 1st, 2009

Mini HoverDrone is sure to annoy those around youThe Mini HoverDrone is said to be the smallest flying R/C device yet. It boasts a diameter about the size of a silver dollar, with a lone propeller at the bottom that lets it hover in the air, spin and flash its blue LEDs to annoy everyone you love.

Most RC toys are hard to fly and complicated. A simple slider control handles up-and-down movement, so just about anybody can control it easily. It’s only $19.99. The only downside is that all it does is your basic up and down.

Remote controlled tissue box

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on October 30th, 2009

Remote controlled tissue boxHere’s a great invention for the next time you have a nasty cold that includes a runny nose. It merges tissues with remote control toys, which is simply brilliant. This $25 remote controlled tissue box will make sure that you always have your tissues handy.

How many times have you sneezed and desperately needed a tissue, only to not have one? No more my friends. That’s snot how it should work.

Battle Machines combine laser tag and RC toys

Posted in R/C Toys by Shane McGlaun on August 10th, 2009

battlemachines-sb1Yeah, I really like remote controlled toys. I have always liked them since I was a kid and the only thing that has changed today is that my RC toys are more expensive. Show me a RC toy that also offers lasers and I am sold.

Jada Toys has announced a new line of RC vehicles called Battle Machines RC toys. The cars are 12-inches long and come in several different designs and three different vehicles. You can choose from a 2006 Mustang GT, 1969 Camaro SS, and a 1999 Chevy Silverado Dooley.


Remote control mower makes me want to mow my yard, almost

Posted in R/C Toys by Shane McGlaun on August 3rd, 2009

rcmowerOne of the things that comes along with summer is lawn care. I hate mowing my yard, but I am too cheap to pay someone to do it for me. Mowing the yard is especially sucky here in Texas since it’s like 105 in the shade most days during the summer months. I am counting the days until my son is old enough to do it for me. That’s why I had kids after all.

I think I could probably get the neighborhood kids to mow my lawn for free if I had this sweet remote control mower. The thing looks like a cross between a tank and your average mower and can navigate slopes up to 70 degrees.

Breakdancing r/c car is twenty years too late

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on April 17th, 2009

Breakdancing r/c car is twenty years too lateSo, nobody cares about breakdancing anymore. This RC car doesn’t care that it’s late to the party. It just zips around, doing spins like the Tasmanian devil on crack, then Stands up, crosses it’s arms and tells you that you just got served.

The Twister Edition Stunt R/C car sports a unique spinning joint system that lets the car perform all sorts of crazy stunts using the included wireless remote-control. While doing this, it puts on an LED lightshow that’s pretty awesome. Video below.

Mario Kart R/C racing set

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on November 24th, 2008

Mario Kart R/C racing setThe Mario Kart Pullback toys were cool, so was the giant r/c Mario Kart racer, but this set of Mini Mario Kart rc cars from Brando gets it right. Each car is rechargeable and about the size of the iPod shuffle. Each comes with a 6-direction IR controller and shell and banana accessories. That’s what I’m talking about. You need accessories to really play Mario Kart outside of the Wii. They are available in Mario, Luigi, Koopa and Yoshi. Available for $24 each. Finally you can have real life Mario races.

Remote Controlled Upright Pinball

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on October 20th, 2008

Remote Controlled Upright PinballI love pinball, but I don’t think I’m lazy enough to play it vertically…with a remote. Okay, maybe I would. There may be a few benefits to upright pinball: Like not hurting your back, being able to sit comfortably, it saves space in your home etc. But at $119.95 it’s cheaper to play one of the many far superior console versions of pinball. Plus that HUGE remote isn’t a winning me over. No, it’s not a good idea to play pinball in this sacrilegious manner. You will look like a tool because that’s what you are.


Remote Control Hummer H3 is life sized

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on July 2nd, 2008

Remote Control Hummer H3 is life sized
Dr. James Brighton put a ton of hard work into transforming a gas guzzling Hummer H3 into a remote controlled vehicle. The project took around a month to complete, and it’s said to be the largest radio controlled vehicle.

If you want one, it’s going to cost you of course. At least $70,000. That’s one expensive RC car. It might be fun to have your friend inside while you control it, speeding up around cliffs and stuff. Just don’t wreck it. It’s not like you can just pick it up and dust it off and get going again.Check out a video below.

Radio Controlled Granny looks like all kinds of fun

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on June 2nd, 2008

Radio Controlled Granny looks like all kinds of fun
I don’t care who you are, it doesn’t get much funnier then the elderly treating their wheelchair like a hot-rod and just gunning it. Previously, if you wanted to see the geriatric in racing form, you had to play slot car racing grannies.

Thankfully, someone has expanded the premise to include an old woman in a grocery store, with slippery floors and plenty of canned goods to crash into. The handicap ramp should provide some airborn Dukes Of Hazard moments too. It will cost you about $36. Good fun. It will give you something to think about the next time you’re in line behind an old woman with a change purse.

Pilot View FPV 2400 puts you inside RC vehicles

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on May 10th, 2008

Pilot View FPV 2400 puts you inside RC vehicles
This device explains a long held theory of mine. Geordi LaForge was not blind, he was controlling remote-controlled vehicles when he should have been focusing on his engineering duties. The Pilot View FPV 2400 is designed for use with radio-controlled aircraft and cars.

There’s a wireless camera in the cockpit that sends live first-person footage to the freaky goggles that Fabio is wearing in the pic.(Wait that’s a gal. Sorry.) It’s a pretty awesome idea, but for $549, there are probably better ways to spend the money. And let’s face it, they need to up the design of the visor.

The Rubber Duck goes 21st century

Posted in R/C Toys by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2008

The Rubber Duck goes 21st century
Remember being a kid and spending hours in the tub playing with your trusty buddy the rubber duck? It didn’t take batteries, it didn’t talk and it had no flashing lights or engine, yet somehow he stayed afloat.

Meet the future of rubber duck technology. An R/C Rubber Duck with a wireless RF transmitter, so you can guide your duck anywhere in a tub as long as the batteries have juice. 5 minutes of charging time will give your yellow friend about 15 minutes of life. Like all ducks, this one is of course, waterproof. It will retail for £14.99. Though I’m not sure what it is we are accomplishing here, I mean most tubs are of such a size that you reach your arm out and your duck is never far away. I’m guessing this means that rubber duck races are about to get really intense.

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