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Eton ARCPT300W Weather Radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on March 17th, 2011

Looking for a Weather radio? If so, the Eton ARCPT300W weather radio can be powered by a trio of different sources. There’s the hand crank that charges the Ni-MH battery, three AAA batteries, and the AC/USB adapter.

Some other features of the Eton weather radio include an LED flashlight, an AM/FM tuner and it supports all seven NOAA weather band channels. Great thing to have in your emergency kit. It will cost you $69.99 and being prepared is well worth it.

Green Shower Radio is powered by water

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on March 9th, 2011

Are you green and also like to listen to music in the shower? If so, then check out this new radio called the H2O Shower Powered Radio. The radio connects directly to your shower hose and uses the water pressure to charge its internal battery for playing.

The radio’s H2O micro turbine is spun by the water flowing through the case which powers a generator that charges the battery. Hopefully it doesn’t require super long showers to charge it up.

The Breville Radio Toaster

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on February 24th, 2011

Your music is toast. Raise a (slice of) toast to your favorite song. This gadget combines two great things, toast and a radio. UK kitchen appliance manufacturer Breville has merged them into one device, the Breville VTT296 2 Slice Radio Toaster. It sports a retro matt black/silver finish and silver circular speaker. The radio controls sit under the speaker, on either side of the illuminated digital display.

It can store up to ten radio stations and comes with an antenna. You can also listen to music from an external MP3 player by using an auxiliary input jack. On the toaster side, it features adjustable twin toasting slots, a variable browning control, an extra high lift which ensures safe fingers, a defrost button which automatically lengthens the toasting time for frozen slices and a reheat mode.

Gas Tank USB Speaker with MP3 Player and Radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on January 26th, 2011

I don’t know about you, but Hank Hill will surely love this new audio player that comes in the shape of a gas tank. It’s available in both gold or silver. You would have to really love propane to buy one of these. It has a built-in speaker and an FM radio, and it can play audio files from USB flash drives and memory cards.

This device is powered by built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it can also be used as a PC speaker or authentic redneck decoration. It leaves me saying one word. Why?

Grace Digital adds color displays to new Solo Touch, Bravado X, and Mondo WiFi radios

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on December 30th, 2010

Grace Digital’s new trio of internet radios have all been upgraded with color displays and are ready for CES. The Solo Touch is a $249.99 device with a 4.3-inch touchpanel, remote, Ethernet connection, RCA outputs and a headphone jack.

Next is the Bravado X for $179.99, with a 2.7-inch color display, RCA in / out and a USB connector. Lastly, there’s the $169.99 Mondo which sports a 3.5-inch color display, an alarm clock and a USB port.

Grace Digital Tabletop Pandora Radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on October 27th, 2010

Grace Digital has announced its GDI-IR2550p. It’s capable of streaming music directly from your Pandora stations. Other radios can already do that, but this one allows you to use thumbs up/down, bookmarking, as well as play and pause features from the front panel or on the remote.

If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, you can use the device as a remote. Plus you have access to over 50,000 radio stations, podcasts and on-demand content including NPR on-demand, FOX News, CNN, BBC and Sirius Premium Internet radio.

Boston Acoustics Solo II AM/FM Radio with Clock

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on July 27th, 2010

If you are looking for a new radio, Amazon has started selling the Boston Acoustics Solo II which features an AM/FM tuner with 20 AM/FM station presets. It’s a high performance 3.5-inch full-range speaker with BassTrac audio processing for rich, clean bass all around.

There’s also an auxiliary input for your iPod and other portable media devices. The rotating clock face lets you place it just about anywhere as well.


PURE ONE Mi digital radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on June 24th, 2010

Digital radios can get pretty expensive. Which would be fine except that so many of us are short on cash. The PURE ONE Mi digital radio is the answer. It was specially engineered to offer audio quality and volume despite its small size.

Some features include an integrated FM radio, a crystal clear digital display, 16 presets, an USB port for future updates and multi-lingual menus. There is also an optional rechargeable A1 ChargePAK, for up to 18 hours of portable music.

ViewQuest: The world’s smallest pocket WiFi radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on June 3rd, 2010

Dedicated WiFi radios haven’t really taken off in the U.S. Probably because it’s hard to find a decent, small, and pocketable WiFi radio. However, here’s one to consider. The new ViewQuest Pocket WiFi Radio claims to be the smallest portable WiFi internet radio in the world.

The device will cost you $131. But sadly for this gadget, for just $199 you could get an iPod Touch and install some internet radio apps, getting more bang for your buck. But the choice is yours of course.

Gear Shift Radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on April 13th, 2010

Changing radio channels is like racing with this Gear Shift Radio. It’s designed to look like a car’s gear system and requires that you shift gears in order to control the radio, thereby adding some unnecessary work to what would otherwise be an enjoyable listening experience.

No drivers license required, but you do need some AAA batteries. The Gear Shift FM Radio will cost you $24. Now maybe you can get a dashboard display to go with it.

Stanley Construction Jobsite Radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on March 8th, 2010

Do you have a tough job that requires a tough radio? Stanley has one that you might find interesting if you are looking to play some tunes at the job site. It has everything you need. It’s rugged and it plays music either by radio or MP3/WMA via USB or SD cards.

It also features some USB charging sockets and a pair of 12V DC power sockets. It looks like it will take some abuse, which is a good thing if your co-workers don’t appreciate your taste in music. Definitely looks like it can take a hammer hit or two.


Sneezing electronics are the future

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on February 10th, 2010

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s how dust gets sucked into laptop vents thanks to the cooling fan. It can clog things up and affect performance and shorten the life of electronics in general. We need to take a cue from this radio. Once every six months, it sneezes, getting rid of dust that has accumulated inside.

It gives it a longer life and keeps things running cooler. Therefore sneezing is the future of electronics. As long as that sneeze doesn’t come with a cough and a runny nose anyway. I ain’t playing doctor to my radio.

Thanko USB Shortwave Radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on December 15th, 2009

Thanko USB Shortwave RadioIt doesn’t look like much, but Thanko just launched its first USB shortwave radio for the masses. The radio is capable of receiving both AM and FM radio signals and you can plug the device into your computer. You’ll need to install software into your computer before you can use it though.

It will also let you record and save programs in MP3 or WAV format. So if you’re looking for a shortwave radio, Thanko’s USB shortwave radio retails for $44.73.

MD Sound unveils cheap MD-DVD3.5T car stereo

Posted in Radio by Shane McGlaun on December 9th, 2009

md35-t-sgEvery car I have owned for the last six years or so has had a double DIN stereo in it. I thought the single DIN stereo was outdated, but I guess there are enough cars out there that there is still a market. MD Sound has announced a new single DIN stereo called the MD-DVD3.5T with a color LCD and a low price.

The radio has a 3.5-inch LCD on a flip down panel that can play DVDs and other media from flash drives and SD cards. The radio supports DVD/DVD-R/MP3/MP4/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW media. The radio also has a built-in AM/FM/MPX tuner.

Fytone Vintage Mp3 Speaker and Transistor Radio

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on December 3rd, 2009

Fytone Vintage Mp3 Speaker and Transistor RadioIf Star Trek had come out in the 1940s this is what the communicator would look like. The Fytone Vintage Mp3 Speaker and Transistor Radio is great for anyone who wants their modern tech to have a vintage look.

This portable speaker is a throwback to the old transistor radio. It will support any Mp3 player with its 3.5mm cable and also receive AM/FM Channels with the antenna which doubles as a stand. It takes 3 AA batteries and will make a lasting impression on your grandparents.