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Glow in the dark paint

Posted in Paint by Chetz on December 12th, 2007

Litrospheres paint glows in the darkLitrospheres are a self-luminous micro-particle that can be painted on any object allowing it to glow without the need of any electric current. The paint was designed by MPK and is said to be non-toxic even though the betavoltaic technology that’s used for Litrospheres is derived from a radioactive gas (the company rep says that the radiation can’t escape from the paint molecules so you don’t need to worry about glowing yourself.)

It can be produced in a variety of colors. Do you want blue walls that glow? Done. Some pink trim on your house so you can see it off in the distance when night falls? Not a problem but your neighbors may think otherwise. If you think about it the practical applications extend a lot further than tripping out your bike or car. Liferafts, safety vests, hazard signs, even the lines on the road could be painted using Litrospheres and be more easily seen at night.

Don’t Encrypt, Just Repaint

Posted in Paint,Security,Wi-Fi by Chetz on March 31st, 2007

EM-SEC paint blocks WiFi from leaving the roomIt’s the perfect product for people that can’t figure out how to set up their own personal encrypted network. EM-SEC Technologies has the solution to those technically-challenged folk: just paint your home with the EM-SEC Coating System and your wireless network is secure. People inside can still access the network but anyone attempting to access it from outside won’t be able to because of what’s on your walls.

The EM-SEC paint works like this: the paint uses a series of water-based shielding products that restrict the passage of airborne RF signals, thus blocking the transmission of the frequency from your hub or modem. Naturally this kind of technological breakthrough was at first designed to shield government and military centers and protect their sensitive data streams but now private business and non-geek home owners can get in on the …