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CES 2008

Tekkeon TekCharge mobile power with AA’s

Posted in Batteries,CES 2008,Mobile Power by Darrin Olson on January 9th, 2008

Tekkeon TekCharge mobile power deviceCali-based Tekkeon is a maker of an array of stylish looking mobile accessories and has just announced a new device to power your mobile gadgets which runs off of your own AA batteries. The TekCharge MP1550 is a mobile power accessory that is juiced up by either two or four AA batteries (rechargeable or not) and can extend the life of your mobile phone, PDA or media player by connecting via USB.

Tekkeon estimates the little device can add as much as 16 hours of phone conversations, 5 hours of PDA use or 20 more hours of watching iPod videos. It also comes with 7 different adapter tips letting you use this same device for multiple gadgets. Once the AA batteries run dry you have the option of simply picking up some more or buying rechargeable AA’s. When the TekCharge is plugged into your computer it will actually charge up the rechargeable AA’s. The device is available now, retailing for around $25.