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T250 Designed For Show and Play

Posted in Sony Ericsson,T250 by Chetz on May 10th, 2007

T250 Mobile Phone from Sony EricssonIn addition to the P1 announcement by Sony Ericsson yesterday there was also another mobile phone mentioned, the T250. Whereas the P1 is geared more toward the business spectrum of clients the T250 was designed to serve the needs of those that just want the functionality of a straight phone but with a higher end design style seen on more expensive models (that’s polite talk for saying “It’s cheaper but looks pricey.”

The T250 has a speakerphone, VGA camera, predictive text input for fast text and picture messaging, an in-phone calendar and an FM radio. It also does a slew of side functions like offer a calculator mode, stopwatch, timer and the kit comes with a stereo handsfree headset.

Roughly your battery charge will give you seven hours of talktime. Actuyl dimensions are 100 x 45 x 13 mm while the …