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MOTOMING A1200 From Motorola

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motoming-A1200,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 5th, 2006

MOTOMING A1200The MOTOMING from Motorola is a sleek looking mobile phone full of functionality and a little different looking style.

The MOTOMING has a clamshell design with a transparent, tinted front so that you can see whatever wallpaper is active when the phone is closed. It comes in two different colors, a dark gray and a red, which both look very sharp.

The MOTOMING A1200 also has some impressive and handy functionality that come along with this unique design, so the phone is not all flash. With the built-in 2 megapixel camera, not only can you take digital photos but you can also scan business cards which will identify the text and store the information in the phone book.

The MOTOMING lends itself to business travelers on the go with a smart device file viewer that allow you to view business documents on the large color screen, such …