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Kid Proof Headphones

Posted in Headphones,Kids by Tam Yue on May 28th, 2014

Head FoamsGot kids? If you answered yes, we can probably guess that most of your headphones are a broken, tangled mess in the backseat of your car.

If that’s the case, then MarBlue has a solution for you. Presenting HeadFoams, the kid-proof headphones. These things are virtually indestructible. They are made from a non-toxic, BPA free, EVA foam. They have been approved in the US and internationally as meeting all the child-safety standards and also have a reduced audio output. They have ensured that the head phones will not go above 8.5 decibles to help protect developing ears.

Now, these headphones are not going to make a fashion statement, so most teenagers will probably look at you funny if you try to give them a pair. But for your little one, the one that is in the back seat of the car …

Osmo Will Bring Your Kids Back to the Real World

Posted in Games,Kids by Tam Yue on May 23rd, 2014

Osmo for iPadThis is for all you parents out there that need to get your kids from staring at their iPads. The Osmo digital toy for iPad will help do just that, bring them back to the real world.

This new device will come with three games, all of which will make your kids want to play and interact with their friends. The games are Tangram, Words and Newton. In Tangram you match puzzle pieces to complete a shape on the screen. While playing Words you can play against another team to spell out a word that matches the picture on the screen. Newton features a ball that falls down the screen through a maze that you choose to draw on the piece of paper in front of the device, or you can lay anything in front of the iPad and it …

LeapFrog Announces LeapBand – Wearable Tech for Kids

Posted in Kids by Darrin Olson on May 4th, 2014

LeapFrog LeapBand for KidsLeapfrog doesn’t want to leave anyone out of the latest wearable tech trends and has unveiled a smartwatch for kids called the LeapBand. The device is designed for children from 4-7 years old and features an activity tracker while taking care of a virtual pet.

The LeapBand is water-resistant with a high-res color display, built-in accelerometer to track activity, a rechargeable battery and also has a watch in either analog or digital mode. Kids wear the smartwatch to take care of one of eight different digital pets – dog, panda, cat, monkey, robot, dragon, unicorn, or a penguin. The device encourages healthy activity using the accelerometer to track challenges giving to them such as jumping, wiggling, hopping, etc. where they earn rewards and treats to care for their pet.

The LeapBand from LeapFrog comes in colors of blue, green and pink, …

LeapFrog intros “Baby BlackBerry”

Posted in Kids by Conner Flynn on January 28th, 2009

LeapFrog intros “Baby BlackBerry”This “Baby BlackBerry” is not from RIM, which would explain all that cheap plastic and the cutesy animal theme. It’s a Text and Learn PDA for kids from LeapFrog. Your little ones will have a jump start on the other kids when it comes to texting and churning out emails.

Alright, so it wont let them email everyone on your contact list. The device features a full QWERTY keyboard and a large LCD display. No Wi-Fi, which should keep your rugrat out of trouble. Just be aware that you are grooming your kid to ask for the real deal in just a few short years. And an unlimited data plan. It will be available in August for £19.99.

LeapFrog intros Tag Junior

Posted in Kids by Conner Flynn on January 28th, 2009

LeapFrog intros Tag JuniorLeapFrog is all about children’s educational toys, and their latest stays true to what they are all about. The Tag Junior targets two to four year olds and improves on it’s predecessor’s Tag Reading System technology.

The Tag Junior will read downloaded MP3s and use an infrared camera to figure out letters and words on the page. It has enough memory to store up to five books’ worth of material. Some familiar characters include Winnie the Pooh and Dora the Explorer. The device will hit the shelves this summer for $34.99.

Sony MDR-222KD headphones for kids

Posted in Kids by Darrin Olson on February 26th, 2008

Sony MDR-222KD headphones for kids 8 years old and upSony knows that little kids listen to music to, and their often getting stuck with some cheap pair of uncomfortable, poor performing headphones. Due to this, along with a whole mess of other products Sony is launching this week, Sony is rolling out the MDR-222KD headphones designed specifically for kids.

The headphones are set to be available in April for a very reasonable $15. They’ll come in colors for girls and boys in black or cotton-candy pink and have open-air earpieces to cut down on the loud noise and potential ear damage that can occur from many adult headphones. They also have the cord going up just one side to one of the headphones to avoid some tangles.

Zipit debuts teen-focused wireless IM device

Posted in Kids,Wi-Fi,Zipit Wireless by Nino Marchetti on September 27th, 2007

Zipit Wireless Messenger 2Zipit Wireless, a developer of wireless consumer electronics, unveiled today a new Wi-Fi instant messaging device targeted at teens. The Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 is priced at around $150 and should be available in October.

The Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 is a portable handheld device which offers wireless IM connectivity with no monthly or per message fees and supports all the major IM platforms — AOL, Yahoo and MSN. It works with any open wireless hotspot and allows one to have multiple, concurrent conversations. It also lets one listen to music, view photos, play games and customize it with backgrounds, themes and other content.


BT Baby Monitor 150 Plays MP3’s, Records Voice

Posted in Kids by Darrin Olson on September 3rd, 2007

BT Baby Monitor connects to an MP3 player, records voice and has a timer alertThe BT Baby Monitor 150 is set up with some advanced features not typically found in a standard monitor that actually seem fairly practical.

For starters the 150 is able to connect to your MP3 player and play back Hi-DS music, so you can download your infants favorite songs and play them through the monitor. Owners can also record their voice into the baby’s unit to play back at a later time giving the baby the familiar sound of your voice without having to get out of bed. If you do end up waking up the parent unit has a “talk back” feature that basically turns the monitor into a two-way radio, letting you talk to the monitor from the remote unit.

Samsung DM-S110, DM-S105 Disney Mobile Phones

Posted in Disney,Kids,Mobile Phones,Samsung by Nino Marchetti on August 6th, 2007

Samsung DM-S110Mickey and company are eyeing your wallet today as Disney Mobile and Samsung announced two new mobile phones for the Disney Mobile service. Expect these phones to run you about 20 Mouse Ears after a rebate and two-year detail picking up trash at Disneyland.

The Samsung DM-S105 (silver) and DM-S110 (pink) Disney Mobile phones are very much your garden variety cell phones housed in curved clamshell designs. You get your dual-band, tri-mode, a built-in VGA camera, Bluetooth and an internal and external display. There’s also a hands-free speakerphone to scream into as you ride the Matterhorn.

Fisher Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad

Posted in Fisher Price,Kids by Nino Marchetti on August 3rd, 2007

Fisher Price Easy Link Internet Launch PadYou want your child to learn about the Internet. You don’t want your child seeing what Debbie likes to do in Dallas. Fisher Price has unveiled a gadget it thinks will let your child enjoy the Web without the smut – enter the Fisher Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad.

The Fisher Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad, which includes a USB cable for computer connection, is essentially an end terminal dressed up to entertain your child ages 3 and up. The Easy Link lets kids access select kid-friendly Web sites through a themed “smart key” which is plugged into the launch pad. This key takes children only to the represented character’s official Web site while blocking out other sites. To change sites one must remove the key and insert an different one.

LeapFrog updates Fly pentop computer

Posted in Kids,Pens by Nino Marchetti on July 25th, 2007

Fly FusionLeapFrog launched today a new pentop computer designed to help students ages 10 and up with their homework through writing digitization. The new Fly Fusion is priced at around $80 and should be available now.

The Fly Fusion expands upon the Fly Pentop Computer, which LeapFrog released two years ago. The Fly Fusion, using dot-enabled paper designed by LeapFrog, lets a student take written notes which can later be uploaded to a computer for storage. These notes can be searched and indexed so students can electronically make the most use of what they transcribed.


FCC OK’s Apple Bluetooth Headset

Posted in Apple,Bluetooth,Headsets,Kids by Darrin Olson on June 16th, 2007

Apple Bluetooth headset approved for sale along with iPhoneMany may not remember or had even noticed the tiny Bluetooth headset that Apple announced in January along with the iPhone, but AppleInsider did notice that the headset was recently approved by the FCC to go on sale potentially along side the Apple iPhone launching at the end of this month.

Little has been said about the Bluetooth headset from Apple other than there will be another headset accessory that’s wired to be marketed with the iPhone as well. No information on any pricing or availability has been made public and any photographs and the user manual from the wireless headset were excluded from the FCC report.
Apple Bluetooth headset FCC drawing

Webkinz – Second Life for Kids

Posted in Kids,Services by Darrin Olson on June 9th, 2007

Webkinz is like a second life for kidsThere’s been quite a bit of buzz in the kid community lately regarding Webkinz plush toys and their associated social website for kids. The basic run-down is that you buy one (or more) of the three dozen different types of stuffed animals, and each one comes with a unique special code. You can then log into the Webkinz website using the special code to “adopt” your Webkinz pet.

Once an account is created there are a number of things to do in the “Things To Do” menu, such as hang out at the Clubhouse, play games or visit friends online. Each user is represented as the plush toy that they purchased as they navigate to different rooms or to rooms of their friends.

One of the common concerns of parents is the interaction allowed and the fear of online predators, but …

NBA All-Star LeBron James Gets MSN Website

Posted in Kids,Microsoft,NBA,Websites by Paul Patterson on February 21st, 2007

NBA All-Star LeBron James Gets MSN MinisiteMSN recently announced a new mini-website featuring LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The site illustrates the inspirational story of the three-time NBA all-star and encourages kids to take action in their lives and make a difference of their own.

The Website is in a storybook-style and allows kids to explore LeBron’s role as a community activist, his dedication to basketball and academics including his devotion to his friends, family, and teammates.

The flash-based site includes interactive Windows Live content for people with a MSN account or a Windows Live Space. It is also a forum where James can interact with MSN users and share his experiences and encouraging messages.

A special section of the Website includes a series of challenges and obstacles issued by LeBron. As participants complete the challenges, LeBron shares the difficulties and successes he …

VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera

Posted in Digital Cameras,Kids,VTech by Darrin Olson on January 31st, 2007

VTech Digital Camera For KidsIf you missed out on the digital camera from Fisher-Price due to short supplies before Christmas, you might not feel so bad once you see the surprisingly similar looking digital camera from VTech.

VTech has a excellent reputation for making quality, age-appropriate learning toys for kids and we’re pretty sure they will not disappoint with this. The company announced that are planning to offer a digital camera targeted for kids ages 4 and up called the VTech Kidizoom.

The Kidizoom will not only take digital photos, but it can also record video and offers games that can be played and viewed on the built in 1.8 inch viewer or plugged into a television. An interchangeable face plate also adds some customization to give the camera a different look depending on the user or their mood. The VTech Kidizoom digital camera will also have …

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