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Lookee TV Wi-Fi Internet TV And Radio Player

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on May 6th, 2011

The Lookee TV is an internet TV and radio player that connects to your home network. It comes in three models: a table-top model, a portable model, and a set-top box. All are equipped with TV out with support for resolutions up to 720 x 480 pixels.

The Lookee TV can receive over 30,000 streaming radio stations and over 1,000 streaming TV channels for free. You can also use the Lookee TV as a digital picture frame or a media player. It will play videos or picture slideshows from the integrated SD card slot and it has a line-in audio jack for connecting with your iPod or an MP3 player.

Pure’s Evoke Flow, Oasis Flow and Seista Flow internet radios now on sale in America

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on December 14th, 2010

Pure’s lineup of internet radios were supposed to ship to the US in July. Sadly, the company had some problems, but the good news is that the Evoke Flow, Oasis Flow and Seista Flow will still be arriving in time for the holidays.

The company just announced that these are on sale now in America, with all three shipping right now. They are also offering a 15 percent discount and free shipping for all orders placed before next Monday. Better late than never.

Revo AXiS Wireless Internet Radio

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on November 2nd, 2010

The Revo AXiS Wireless Internet Radio boasts a 3.5-inch color TFT touch-screen display with an icon-driven touchscreen user interface, allowing quick and easy navigation. It also has an advanced internet radio with Wi-Fi.

This wireless internet radio is also capable of receiving a full range of digital radio standards including DAB, DAB+ and internet radio as well as conventional FM radio with RDS. As a plus, it’s compatible with all iPod and and iPhone models.

Grace Digital Audio’s Solo WiFi internet radio tuner

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on May 5th, 2010

So you want a WiFi internet radio but you already have a stereo. Then you fit the bill for this device from Grace Digital Audio. The new Solo WiFi internet radio tuner turns your stereo (or just your speakers) into an internet radio. Pretty nifty huh?

The device has support for services like Pandora and Sirius internet radio, a backlit LCD display, and support for Grace’s remote app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Pure’s stylish internet radios ship to America on July 1st

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on May 3rd, 2010

Pure has been a stranger to the US market, which is a real shame since they have some of the sexiest internet radios ever produced. A while back, the company announced that would be changing soon and now we know when.

The Evoke Flow, Oasis Flow and Seista Flow will all be available in the United States on the first of July, with prices set at $229, $249 and $139 respectively. Initially, they’ll be available through Pure’s website alone and we hope at stores soon after.

Pure drops five internet radios in the US

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on January 5th, 2010

Pure is known for unusual and elegant radios. Unfortunately they have not been available in the US. Well, now Pure is correcting that oversight with five WiFi radios. There’s the Sensia, shown above which features a 5.7-inch touchscreen, an oval enclosure and access to the Pure Lounge: a portal that gets you into internet radio stations, Twitter and Facebook. There’s also an auxiliary input jack. All for $349.

The $449 Sirocco 550 is like a mini boombox with the WiFi radio capabilities, a USB socket, iPhone and iPod compatibility, a CD player and an SD expansion slot. There’s also the $139 Siesta Flow alarm clock radio and the $249 Oasis Flow, which is rugged and waterproof.

Alhambra Internet Radio

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on May 14th, 2009

Alhambra Internet RadioThe Alhambra Wi-Fi Internet Radio merges both old and new styles together in an interesting way. This wireless Internet radio receiver will stream your favorite tunes to just about anywhere in your home, assuming you don’t live in a super huge mansion of course.

It’s got an old style interface that some will love while others will hate, but it will blend into any home design-wise and hey, we’ve seen much worse.


Pandora Livio Radio features “thumbs up, down” buttons

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on April 15th, 2009

Pandora Livio Radio features "thumbs up, down" buttonsLivio is breaking free of the mold of most internet radios. I mean, it doesn’t get much more innovative than “thumbs up, thumbs down” controls, giving you the power of Siskel and Ebert over music while using Pandora. The Livio Radio is classically styled and comes with a remote included.

Pandora isn’t the only internet radio that this device will handle. It can also tune into a whole bunch of internet radio stations from around the world through Reciva. Just plug it into your AC outlet and have an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Grace Digital adds new Internet radio media streamers

Posted in internet radio by Nino Marchetti on January 16th, 2009

Grace Digital GDI-IR1000

Grace Digital unveiled this week is 2009 line up of Internet radios and audio network media streamers. Five new products in particular are highlighted and they range in price from around $150 to around $350.

Grace Digital said its GDI-IR1000 Internet radio improves upon its previous ITC-IR1000B by keeping the same wood cabinet while adding adding personalized bass and treble settings and 10 front panel presets. The GDI-IR2000, a step up, includes a remote control and auxiliary input for audio playback from a device such as an iPod.

Sanyo Debuts Bedside Internet Radio

Posted in internet radio by Nino Marchetti on January 12th, 2009

Sanyo R227

Everybody seems to be getting into releasing Internet radios this year. Even Sanyo. The company is getting set to release this month the R227, priced around $170.

The Sanyo R227 is designed to deliver, either through wireless Wi-Fi or Ethernet wired connectivity, thousands of Internet radio stations and podcasts. The product has the look somewhat of a regular clock radio, even sporting a FM tuner with alarm clock functions for those that desire.

Slacker introduces Radio Plus service

Posted in internet radio by Shane McGlaun on December 22nd, 2008

Slacker LogoDigital music is available in many forms. You can buy digital albums and tracks form music stores like iTunes or you can subscribe to services that allow you to download all the music you want and keep it as long as you pay the monthly fee.

Slacker is yet another alternative where you choose the tracks you want to listen to and create your own streaming radio station customized to your tastes. Slacker announced a new service called Radio Plus. Radio Plus costs $3.99 per month and offers features not previously available on Slacker.


iRadioPop internet radio dongle

Posted in internet radio by Conner Flynn on December 18th, 2008

iRadioPop internet radio dongleIf you want to tune in to Internet radio, but lack the means, then you may want to check out the user friendly iRadioPop Internet radio dongle. Just plug it into any available USB 2.0 port and you’re ready to go.

The interesting thing about this device and what makes it stand out is that it features an integrated recorder which allows you to capture and store your favorite songs. Preset station favorites let you go straight to your regular online radio places without having to search them out.

Wolverine Data WorldRadio gets 15k stations

Posted in internet radio by Shane McGlaun on October 23rd, 2008

Wolverine Data WorldRadioIf you live in an area that doesn’t offer a radio station with your preferred type of music you have a few options. You can opt to pay for satellite radio, you can learn to live with music that isn’t your favorite, buy MP3s or you can go with internet radio.

Internet radio is free once you buy the hardware and Wolverine Data has a new product that offers access to 15,000 Internet radio stations around the world. The device is called the WorldRadio and it features built-in Wi-Fi and a LAN port. The device supports UPnP so users can stream music form their PC to the WorldRadio.