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IE 7 Reaches 100 Million Installations

Posted in Browsers,IE,Microsoft,News by Darrin Olson on January 17th, 2007

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 has 100 million installations of the browserOn January 8th, Tony Chor, Group Program Manager on IEblog wrote that IE 7 had reached 100 million installations, bringing the stats to over 26 percent of all web surfers using Internet Explorer 7 according to WebSideStory with IE 6 not far behind in second place.

The milestone comes only a few months after the release of the browser upgrade, and still seems to be quite a feat despite the fact that IE 7 became a critical update not long after it’s launch. Mozilla’s Firefox, which many believe to be the number 2 browser is continuing to gain popularity but took almost a year to reach the same milestone. Firefox is certainly not going to let IE gain too much ground as they have a new version of Firefox coming soon.

Internet Explorer 7 was launched …