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MacWorld 2008

H20 Audio shipping new waterproof nano case

Posted in H20 Audio,iPod Accessories,iPod Nano,MacWorld 2008 by Nino Marchetti on January 16th, 2008

H2O Audio iN3If you seek a way to enjoy your iPod nano at the beach without fear of it getting trashed by surfing and swimming, H20 Audio has a new case you’ll want to check out. It is called the H2O Audio iN3 and it’s being shown off at MacWorld this week.

The H2O Audio iN3, priced at around $80, is waterproof up to ten feet and the company recommends you pair it with its waterproof headphones. Features which keep your third generation nano safe from the water while still allowing for usage include an overlay control for the click wheel and a watertight connector which is for use with headphones.