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Shoot personal messages into space with frickin’ laser beams

Posted in Esoteric by Shane McGlaun on July 17th, 2009

sentforever-sbThere are all sorts of reasons you might want to send someone a message. You may want to tell that special someone just how much you care; you may want to announce the birth of a child or some other special occasion. You could send a card or you could send the message into space on a laser beam (insert Dr. Evil laugh here).

A company called Sentforever.com is offering to send messages into space for free in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the moon landings. The messages are transmitted with a laser beam at 670 million miles an hour into deep space.

Have a merry Pac-Mac X-Mas

Posted in Esoteric,Games,LED by Chetz on December 11th, 2007

Pac man Christmas treeIt’s the season to be gobbling up power pellets and chasing flashing blue ghosts for the residents of Madrid, Spain. That is where this giant Pac-Man inspired Christmas tree can be found in all of its LED glory. Situated in the Nuevos Ministerios part of downtown, photos of the tree have appeared online but unfortunately we don’t know much else about who made it, how tall it is, how many lights were used in its making or if it’s three or four-sided like the photos seem to suggest. It is partially animated and some of the ghosts and Pac-Man dash back and forth. We give props to the faithfulness of the colors and light placement. All that is missing are joysticks and the ability to play the game while standing in front of the tree. Oh well, there is always next year to unveil the upgrade. Follow the link below to see a video that someone took of the tree.

Decorate your X-mas tree with your family

Posted in Esoteric,LCD by Chetz on November 20th, 2007

Christmas digital photo ornamentBlack Friday is fast approaching and with it the start of the frenzy of holiday shopping. If you’re thinking ahead of what to do to get ready for Christmas and want to bring a touch of high tech to the celebrations then this may be the right gadget for you right now. The Digital Photo Christmas Ornament comes in red and green and displays your favorite family photos on its 1 1/2-inch LCD screen from a novel position of actually being adorned on your Christmas tree. More than 50 images can be stored on the ornament’s 8 MB of memory and you can decide to display them one at a time or as a moving slideshow. Just imagine what it will look like to your Christmas party friends and relatives as they see a group of friends standing around your Christmas tree, eggnog in …

Esoteric puts out new high-end CD/SACD transport

Posted in CD Player,Esoteric by Nino Marchetti on September 28th, 2007

Esoteric P-05For those with high-end, audiophile-quality home audio systems, seeking out new tech to better your setup is always an ongoing hunt. Esoteric, a division of TEAC America, looks like it may have a new item for you: the Esoteric P-05, priced at around $7,000 and available now.

The Esoteric P-05, and its sibling D-05, are CD/SACD transport and D/A converter components. They are designed to output native as well as up-converted digital audio signals. They incorporate a number of audiophile specific technologies, such as up conversion of audio at fs 88.2 kHz (x2) and fs 176.4 kHz (x4) for CD playback, DSD/1-bit 64 fs signal for Super Audio CD natively and without up-conversion and a AK4397 Delta-Sigma DAC device from AKM Semiconductor, implemented in a dual-mono configuration.