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An Entire Ecosystem in the Palm of Your Hand

Posted in Ecosphere,Science by Chetz on January 17th, 2007

Ecosphere enclosed ecosystemThe EcoShpere is not really a new discovery; they’ve been around for a number of years but the idea doesn’t seem to get old with us.

The EcoSphere is a tiny, completely enclosed ecosystem that is contained in a small orb between 3 and 9 inches in diameter. Inside the EcoSphere are tiny shrimp, algae, filtered sea water, gorgonia, gravel and a magnet. If you keep your tiny world in a moderate amount of sunlight or artificial light and maintain the desired temperature, the living organisms will usually keep the system alive for 2-3 years, but some have been going as long as 8.

Basically the cycle works like this: light energy grows the algae inside the Ecosphere. The algae create oxygen and food which the tiny shrimp need to survive. The shrimp make some organic waste from eating the algae which creates some bacteria that …