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Sony BMG songs going DRM-free on Amazon

Posted in Amazon,DRM,News,Sony by Darrin Olson on January 10th, 2008

Sony BMG to start selling songs on Amazon with no DRM restrictionJust before the close of 2007 Warner Music Group joined EMI and Universal by dropping their digital copying restrictions on downloaded songs and offering DRM-free music through Amazon. Today Sony BMG, the last of the big four and the second largest music company in the world, has joined in and removed copying restrictions on their downloaded music and are offering their songs through Amazon as well. This makes Amazon the first online retailer to offer DRM-free song downloads from the world’s four largest music companies.

DRM’s previously had been required by these large music companies in order to prevent songs from being illegally copied which was believed to hurt overall music sales. The DRM would often limit the number of times and devices a song could be copied, such as a limited number of computers or a particular brand of MP3 player. Most consumers and rival media players manufacturers have been generally apposed to the restrictions due to these limitations.

Warner music catalog going DRM-free on Amazon

Posted in Amazon,DRM,News by Darrin Olson on December 28th, 2007

Warner offering DRM-free music catalog on AmazonWarner Music Group announced on Thursday that it would join the ranks of EMI Group and Universal Music Group as the third of the four large music labels to offer their digital music titles for sale without any type of copy protection software. Warner will offer its catalog through Amazon in the common MP3 formats that are free to copy to any player or computer, any number of times.

This move comes after Warner Chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. defended DRMs at the 3GSM World Conference in Barcelona in February, stressing the importance of interoperability over DRM restrictions likely due to Apple’s DRM through iTunes which restricts music files to be played only on Apple devices.

UMG to Offer its own DRM-Free music downloads

Posted in DRM,music,News,Services,UMG by Darrin Olson on August 10th, 2007

Universal Music Group will have a trial of selling DRM free music online, but not through iTunesUniversal Music Group has announced that it is going start offering 99 cent downloads of its online music without any copyright restrictions as somewhat of a trial starting August 21 through Jan 31. UMG says it will be offering the music tracks in the MP3 format but individual retailers will be allowed to sell them in whichever DRM-free format they wish. This comes after last month when UMG decided not to renew its contract with Apple iTunes, and although iTunes is currently the largest online music retailer it will not be one of the retailers to offer UMG’s 99 cent DRM-free tracks.

According to AP: “Among the online retailers that will be selling the tracks are Amazon.com Inc, Google Inc, Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Best Buy Co, RealNetworks Inc’s Rhapsody, …

iTunes Plus DRM-free service launched

Posted in Apple,DRM,iTunes,News,Services by Chris Weber on May 30th, 2007

iTunes Plus DRM-free service launched by AppleIt looks like Apple did get the EMI catalog out by the end of the month, but barely. Today Apple launched iTunes Plus along with the iTunes 7.2 version release, which is now offering DRM-free music downloads.

For now the songs that are available without the DRM restrictions or only from EMI’s catalog (excluding the Beatles, but including Paul McCartney), but hopefully more labels will follow suit in the near future. The songs cost slightly more without the DRM at a price of $1.29 each, and any existing songs that you previously purchased for $.99 can be upgraded for $.30 if they are from EMI. Songs purchased for this higher price have no restrictions on what MP3 player, the number of MP3 players or the number of computers that the song can be transferred to. Once you buy it, just …

iTunes 7.1.1 DRM Cracked

Posted in DRM,iTunes,News by Chris Weber on May 14th, 2007

iTunes DRM cracked for version 7.1.1Whoa… In the midst of Apple dropping their DRM with some labels and DVD codes being cracked, from out of nowhere comes a crack for the DRM on downloaded music from iTunes.

The creators of QTFairUse6 have made a way to rid your iTunes downloaded music of that pesky DRM and do with it as you wish, but of course this only works for the current version of iTunes (7.1.1), and unfortunately it only works for Windows.

No doubt by now Apple is working on the next version of iTunes to plug this hole so you’ll have to take advantage before the next upgrade, and Mac users will have to wait a little longer to see if something comes their way soon. Check it out:

via Cruchgear

EMI And Apple To Offer DRM-Free Music

Posted in Apple,DRM,EMI,music,News by Chris Weber on April 2nd, 2007

EMI will offer DRM free music to consumers through Apple to startToday in London EMI CEO Eric Nicoli and Apple CEO Steve Jobs held a press conference to announce that EMI will be offering their entire digital catalog of music to consumers DRM-free. That’s right, DRM-free.

If you’re not familiar with this topic, that does not mean that the music is free, in fact it will cost slightly more, but it does mean that there are no digital rights management rules associated with the songs when you download them, which restrict which devices or how many devices that the songs can reside on. This, according to Jobs, will be no different than buying a CD and ripping it yourself.

This is really big news in the digital music industry. For quite some time now music download services like Apple iTunes have been getting some heat due to the …