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Yoggie Pico – Security in a Stick

Posted in Security,USB,Yoggie by Darrin Olson on May 29th, 2007

Yoggie Pico provides enterprise level security in a small USB stick.Yoggie has announced the unveiling of its new Pico USB stick used to protect your PC from incoming data through mediums such as your wireless adapter, LAN or Bluetooth. Similar to the Gatekeeper series, Pico is a Linux based software running on the small thumb-sized device with a built-in 520MHz processor and 128MB of RAM to keep those protection-processing resources out of your computer and in the device.

In an enterprise network, most of the protection for computers is provided by separate appliances protecting the whole network. At home any type of spam protection or firewall software usually runs directly on the computer, taking up memory and processing power. With the Pico this is all taken care of within the stick which simply plugs into your USB port.

The Yoggie Pico runs 13 different applications providing protection from …