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WildCharge unveils PowerDisc not so wireless charging

Posted in WildCharge by Shane McGlaun on August 6th, 2009

powerdisc-sbI have wanted the WildCharge system for my iPhone since I saw the product announcement. I hate having to plug my phone in and the only thing about the Pre that really makes me jealous is the Touchstone charger accessory.

WildCharge has lots of different charging systems for different brands of mobile phones. However, the company doesn’t offer charging systems for all devices. Today WildCharge announced the PowerDisc that is an odd combination of wired and wireless charging.

WildCharge charger finally available, for one phone

Posted in Chargers,WildCharge by Reuben Drake on October 18th, 2007

WildCharge wireless charging padThe WildCharge wireless charging pad that we heard about back in June is finally available for purchase. The charge pad uses a custom induction strip attachment that hooks on to your phone (or potentially other devices) and lets you charge it wirelessly by simply setting the device on the WildCharge charge pad.

The idea is great and was met with a lot of enthusiasm from the gadget community when announced, but its taken a while to get here. Shortly after the initial launch announcement of July 7, the company came out with news of pre-orders and then some pricing and a delay.

WildCharge Delayed, Pricing and More Details Available

Posted in Chargers,News,WildCharge by Darrin Olson on July 8th, 2007

WildCharge charge pad given more details, delayed launchJuly 7th came and went and we were starting to wonder if WildCharge was going to start taking orders as we had expected, until this we checked out their site this morning. The website underwent some changes and it appears that ordering of the much anticipated wireless charging pad is going to be delayed by a couple weeks. Once the online store is enabled the WildCharge charger will be available only through the company website and will ship “shortly” after ordering.

There were also some more details available from the website about exactly how the wireless charger will work, and with what devices. The Motorola RAZR will be the first product that WildCharge will make an adapter for to allow wireless charging. This requires you to remove the existing back cover of the RAZR and replace it with the WildCharge …

WildCharge wireless charger to start pre-orders

Posted in Chargers,News,WildCharge by Chris Weber on June 17th, 2007

WildCharge Wireless Charger taking Pre-ordersEver since we’ve learned that wireless charging for consumers is going to be reality with the WildCharge charger, we’ve been impatiently waiting for the July 7th date to be able to order our own. Today it appears that the WildCharge home page has changed slightly, but just enough to communicate that they will be ready to begin taking pre-orders for their wireless charging pad. No word yet on exact price but we’re still with the understanding that it will be “competitive”.

WildCharge Wireless Charger Coming July 7th

Posted in Chargers,News,WildCharge by Darrin Olson on June 12th, 2007

Wildcharge wireless charger charges different gadgets without wiresWild is right. The WildCharge device is a small mat which is plugged in and allows you to charge your gadgets by just lying them on it. No longer is wireless charging a concept for sometime in the future as you can actually get your hands on your own WildCharge pad July 7th.

The wireless charging in the WildCharge pad uses something called inductive charging, which is one of three basic ways to charge things wirelessly. Simply by lying your cell phone, PDA, iPod or PSP on the pad it will begin charging just like it was plugged in. The advantage of a device like this is that you don’t have to have a bunch of cords to connect to your devices or need to wonder which goes to what. Forgetting your charger while traveling could also become a non-event if …