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TVTonic is Internet Video for your PC and TV

Posted in Digital Video,TVTonic by Paul Patterson on January 29th, 2007

TVTonic Internet Video On Demand Service
Internet video is becoming increasingly competitive with new services and announcements seemingly popping up every week. Earlier in January I wrote about Joost, a new broadband television service from the founders of Skype, while YouTube has consistently made headlines since Google’s well-publicized acquisition of YouTube back in November.

Another competitor vying for your Internet video-viewing time is TVTonic, a 300-channel Internet Video-On-Demand service that aggregates short-format video from across the Internet. TVTonic was developed by Wavexpress, a provider of broadband media technology and services. Some of the key features of TVTonic include:

You can watch, subscribe and manage any video podcast that supports RSS enclosures.
Designed to be used with a remote control, keyboard or mouse.
Watch On-line or Off-line – By storing media on your computer’s hard drive, TVTonic enables immediate playback of full-screen video even when you’re not on-line.
Downloads …