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Trekstor i.Beat blaxx

Posted in Media Players,TrekStor by Reuben Drake on August 24th, 2007

Trekstor i.Beat blaxxTrekstor is gearing up to show off some new media players at the IFA show in Berlin in about a week with one of the more impressive ones being the i.Beat blaxx. Measuring only 34mm tall and 8mm thin, this sleek looking player sports a 1.3″ TFT color display at 128 x 160 resolution, provides up to 15 hours of continuous playback from one charge and comes in capacities of either 2 or 4GB. The blaxx supports some standard audio file types including MP3, WMA, Ogg, and WAV as well as SMV video. It also has a built-in FM tuner, line in recording and transfers files via USB. You can get the i.Beat blaxx for 119.99 (2GB) or 149.99 (4GB) and both come with Sennheiser earphones.

i.Beat blaxx via DAPreview

UPDATE: German based Trekstor has announced that they are changing the name of …

Trekstor MovieStation maxi t.u

Posted in Digital Video,TrekStor by Chris Weber on May 17th, 2007

Trekstor MovieStation maxi t.uDownloading and storing movies, videos and television programs on your computer hard drive is a nice convenience. The question that quickly rises though is was how to get these to play on back on your television in the living room so you can watch them from the comfort of your Lazyboy with others and not by yourself at your desk.

There’s been a few nice solutions to bridge the computer-entertainment center gap such as the Apple TV, and now Trekstor has come out with an external hard drive called the MovieStation maxi t.u which allows users to store video media on the drive, from a PC or a Mac, and then play it back on a television.

The kicker with this device is that you can play back the movies without using your computer, in fact once the media is downloaded onto the drive you …

t.uch It With Trekstor

Posted in Card Readers,Hard Drives,TrekStor by Chetz on March 23rd, 2007

Trekstor maxi t.uch hard drive and card readerSeen last week at the CeBIT convention and heading to stores shortly is TrekStor’s DataStation maxi t.uch external hard drive. It comes in three sizes (250 GB, 320 GB and 400 GB) and can double for a USB 2.0 hub with its two ports up at the front.

Compatible with Windows Vista and everything back to Win 2000, as well as OS X and Linux, this is a nice and easy way to backup your system at the touch of a button and also to take it with you if you like. The unit’s 9-in-1 card reader offers you a variety of supported formats for your memory card needs so you should be able to practically plug and download right out of the box.

TrekStor claims that this baby has low energy needs and is practically silent when in …

TrekStor DataStation maxi z.ul Network Disk Drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Storage,TrekStor by Paul Patterson on November 17th, 2006

TrekStor DataStationThe DataStation maxi z.ul network storage drive by TrekStor is a simple, cost-effective method for multiple users to store, retrieve and share data in an office or home network. The DataStation is a centralized and secure way to make files accessible to all network users without the expense and maintenance incurred with a dedicated file server.

The DataStation maxi z.ul plugs directly into a network switch via standard CAT5 cable or it can be connected to a single PC via USB. Several DataStation drives can be used in one network, and as many as eight drives may be connected together to provide a single data repository.

The maxi z.ul works with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems and a maximum of 64 users can access the drive concurrently. Other features include:

NDAS technology for highly efficient data transfer
Access rights can be fully managed in the …

Trekstor i.Beat vision

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,TrekStor by Chetz on November 13th, 2006

i.Beat Vision DM MP3 PlayerTrekstor has a pretty cool gadget here with the i.Beat vision. The vision is an MP3 player at heart, with a number of other cool features.

The i.Beat vision can play multiple formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG, videos in TOM format and is WMA-DRM9-compatible for downloaded music. It also is able to receive and play FM radio with the ability to preset 24 different FM stations.

The i.Beat vision has inline recording, as well. This means that you can record FM radio, your voice from a built in microphone or audio from any line-in input device. It records and converts the data into an MP3 file right on the recorder. You can then keep, organize into folders and browse through the files along with any other files on your i.Beat vision player.

The vision also lets you view JPEG photos and has a slideshow …

TrekStor vibez MP3 Player

Posted in Digital Audio,News,TrekStor by Chetz on November 10th, 2006

Trekstor vibezTrekstor GmbH, which designs and manufactures many consumer entertainment and storage devices, has recently released the Trekstor vibez MP3 player. The new MP3 player is the first media player offered in the US from Trekstor that uses a hard disc to store data, and it’s a tiny 1″ hard disc at that.

The vibez MP3 player comes in three different hard disk capacities of 8, 12 and 15GB, and measures only 4 x 2 x 0.7 inches to easily fit in the palm of your hand. Navigation through a magnetically mounted, rubber covered scroll wheel manages menu options on a 1.5 inch color TFT screen, and the sleek looking player is able to play music for up to 20 hours off of a rechargeable battery. The battery can be fully recharged for use again in about 3 hours.

Trekstor has plans going forward for expanding the …

P!nk Player from TrekStor

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,TrekStor by Quagmire on November 8th, 2006

P!nk player from TrekStorTrekStor has partnered with celebrity pop singer P!nk to create a new MP3 player. The player features a pink front and a glossy silver aluminum rear. An area on the back of the player has been reserved for an engraving of the singer’s signature.

The ultra-slim, compact player features a movie viewer, an integrated FM radio, folder navigation, ID3 tag display and an integrated dictation machine. You can easily store all of P!nk’s greatest hits with the 2 gigabyte flash storage module.

“We are particularly proud to have teamed up with mega-star P!nk – who is currently on tour in Germany and meanwhile a true celebrity here – to present this really trendy player,” says Daniel Szmigiel, CEO of TrekStor GmbH & Co. KG in Lorsch. “Once again, we are able to offer our young, passionate rock music fans


Ultra-Versatile Music and Video Player from TrekStor

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,TrekStor by Paul Patterson on October 22nd, 2006

iBeat Vision DM

TrekStor, German designer and manufacturer of external hard disks, USB sticks, and portable digital media players, has released its first portable music and video player in the U.S. The glossy-black i.Beat vision DM is not only aimed at the music and video fanatic, but at those who also want to view JPEG photos, listen to FM radio, or record conversation or dictation.

At less than three inches long and an inch-and-half wide, the i.Beat vision DM features a sharp 1.3″ LCD Screen for displaying colorful menus, viewing photos, or watching videos.

The player incorporates an FM radio which has the capability to record directly off the radio or you can record all of your great ideas with the built-in voice recorder. You can also play your favorite podcasts or audio books making it a flexible solution for you to manage your photos, audio books, videos, and …

Trekstor 12G USB Stick

Posted in Storage,TrekStor by Darrin Olson on October 19th, 2006

TrekStor CS-DGermany based Trekstor has a mass storage device that is not in the mass physical proportions you would think are necessary with it’s 12 Gig USB Stick CS-D. The USB stick is extremely small at under 70mm at it’s widest and under 30 grams for a device able to hold so much data. It’s compatable for fast data transfer rates with USB 2.0 and also will work with USB 1.1.

The Trekstor CS-D USB stick is ready to go with no drivers needed to run in a sharp looking aluminum housing. The gadget also comes with a neckstrap (you don’t want to be losing this one) and an extension USB cord.

Trekstor also has a number of other storage devices and allows customizable names on the case for one model. If you need to store a whole lot of data in your pocket the Treckstor CS-D …