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Bone Conduction Headset – Tecmo HG40SAN-TBT

Posted in Headsets,Tecmo by Chetz on March 24th, 2007

Tecmo bone conduction headsetYou may have heard already of bone conduction technology, but if you haven’t it’s essentially a mobile headset that allows you to “hear” your calls or music through vibrations emitted by the device. While it may sound kind of creepy at first, it’s gotten a lot of heat from interested parties thinking about ways to reduce noise pollution and ambient noise in the workplace.

Tecmo – China is one of the first companies to get their bone conduction headset on the marketplace, and the HG40SAN-TBT is now available in Japan (if you can find a place that will ship it to you — eBay — you can expect to drop about $120 before shipping charges.)

The battery charge will last you three hours in conversation or five hours in play mode if you want to listen to your tunes. Support is given for …