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Sugarcodes is a Sweet Way to Navigate the Web

Posted in Sugarcodes,Websites by Paul Patterson on January 17th, 2007

Sugarcodes is a Sweet Way to Navigate the WebSugarcodes is a website that offers quick and concise navigation of the Internet through the use of shorthand “codes”.

Sugarcodes assists you in navigating the Internet by creating codes that represent shortcuts to other web pages. Once a code has been created for a web address (URL) you can go directly to that page by typing the code. If the URL takes a parameter in the query string you can program that into your Code.

The Code for Google is simply “g”. To perform a search on Google using Sugarcodes you would type the Code for Google and then your search phrase into the Sugarcodes Input Box. Sugarcodes then translates your request into the correct URL for Google and redirects you to the search results page. If you typed “g Che Guevara” into the Sugarcodes Input box …