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Sonos adds stereo pair mode to ZonePlayer S5 speakers

Posted in Sonos by Shane McGlaun on May 10th, 2010

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 speakers have been on the market since late last year and are among the less expensive of the Sonos multi room music offerings. Sonos has announced a new software update is coming this month that will add an interesting new feature to the S5.

The S5 will get the ability to be used as a pair of stereo speakers. That means that users with a single S5 in multiple rooms can bring the speakers together for superior music quality when needed. The software allows the speakers to be synced for no latency issues.

Sonos adds new features and free music with 2.6 update

Posted in Sonos by Shane McGlaun on August 6th, 2008

Sonos ZP120Getting music to all the rooms of your home can be an expensive task, especially if you have to run wires. Sonos has been selling network multi-room music systems for a while now that can stream tunes wirelessly to speakers in any room of your home. Yesterday, Sonos announced a pair of new wireless music systems and it has announced a software update.

The Sonos 2.6 update is available free to all Sonos customers. To entice users to install the new software update Sonos is offering free music worth $200 to those apply the free upgrade or register a new Sonos system. New features with the update include support for SonosNet 2.0 and MIMO, support for larger music collections on NAS or PCs, and support for Mac Leopard OS.

ZoneBridge provides better Sonos experience

Posted in Sonos by Nino Marchetti on October 23rd, 2007

Sonos ZoneBridgeSonos, a developer of wireless multi-room music systems, unveiled today a new device to help simplify setting up one of the company’s music networks in a home. The Sonos ZoneBridge is priced at $99.

The Sonos ZoneBridge is designed to be hooked to a router. One presses a button on the bridge device and it reportedly will “instantly” connect the SonosNet, Sonos’ wireless mesh network. Sonos says the ZoneBridge can also be used as a wireless extender by placing one between the remote music zone and the rest of the Sonos system.