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SmartShopper Grocery Gizmo

Posted in Kitchen,SmartShopper by Chetz on April 13th, 2007

SmartShopper for grocery lists and errands60 years ago the futurists of the day told us that the 21st century will be a paperless society. A quick look around any office will prove that the dead tree technology isn’t going away anytime soon but there are more and more alternatives to use a high tech replacement for the old tried and true method.

Consider the weekly grocery list. All you need is a pencil and paper and a good memory, but we all know that writing down everything that you need to pick up doesn’t happen as often as we like it to. The SmartShopper eliminates that problem by allowing you to press the record button on the device and saying what it is that you need to get from the store, like milk, eggs, ketchup, butter and so on.

The SmartShopper recognizes your item from its pre-programmed …