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SIM2 1080p Grand Cinema HT3000E Projector

Posted in Projectors,SIM2 by Chris Weber on June 19th, 2007

SIM2 1080p Grand Cinema HT3000E high definition projectorInside this Giorgio Revoldini-designed cabinet is a project that’s able to throw out light to create a high-definition, 1080p projection with over one billion colors on a surface as large as 30 feet across. The SIM2 Grand Cinema HT3000E Projector uses 10 bits per channel processing to produce 1024 shades of each single color to come to this level of quality with a native, uncompressed, high-def 1920 X 1080 resolution.

Combine this projector with your high defintion HD DVD or Blu-ray disc player and you have a theater-like picture in your own home. Unfortunately it may be cheaper to actually take all your friends to the movie theater than to have the HT3000E projector at home with a $19,710 price tag.

Product Page via Pocket-Lint