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Sennheiser outs new Gaming Headsets

Posted in Sennheiser by Conner Flynn on October 27th, 2010

Sennheiser has expanded its gaming headset lineup with four new sets. There’s the flagship Sennheiser PC 360, the surround sound PC 333D and PC 163D, and the PC 330 G4ME.

These should make your games sound pretty awesome. The flagship PC 360s have been available overseas for some time, but now they’re arriving in the U.S. for $299. They feature Sennheiser Open-Aire speaker technology, sport a volume control on the right ear cup, and the mic can be muted just by lifting it up. These should make gaming easier on the ears, while not hitting the wallet too hard.

Sennheiser 500 Series High-end Headphones

Posted in Sennheiser by Conner Flynn on September 6th, 2010

Sennheiser has just announced its latest high-end range of headphones, the 500 series. These headphones feature EAR (Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement) technology and use neodymium magnets and duofol diaphragms, along with a gold-plated 6.3mm audio jack and a frequency response of 12Hz to 38,500Hz.

The 500 Series includes the HD598 which is padded and has a compressed cellulose fleece and is capable of 38,500Hz. The HD558 has soft velor ear pads and is capable of 28,000Hz, while the HD518 features an anthracite finish and up to 26,000Hz.

RS 160, RS 170, and RS 180 Wireless headphones coming soon

Posted in Sennheiser by Shane McGlaun on September 2nd, 2009

sennheiserrs160-sbI have already mentioned today that Sennheiser has unveiled a couple new headsets aimed at computer users who use VOIP. Those are not the only new offerings that Sennheiser is showing off today though. The company has also announced three new sets of wireless headphones that will be coming soon.

The new wireless headphones include the RS 160, RS 170, and RS180. The wireless range varies with the model and the 160 has a 20 meter range, the 170 offers 80 meters, and the 180 has a 100 meter range, all within the line of sight. All three headphones have padded ear cups for long wear without discomfort.

Sennheiser unveils PC 11 and PC 100 VOIP headsets

Posted in Sennheiser by Shane McGlaun on September 2nd, 2009

sennheiserpc11-sbWhen it comes to using a set of headphones on your computer, you need a set with a mic if you want to take advantage of chat functions in video games or place calls using VOIP. Sennheiser is one of the best brands in the headphone market and the company has announced new headphones for PC users.

The new headphones include the PC 11 and the PC 100. Both have a built-in microphone for voice chats and are built with Sennheiser quality. The PC 11 is a single sided headset that needs only one hand to operate. The PC 100 is a 3-in-1 headset that uses an in-ear design that is similar to the ear buds you wear with an iPod.

Sennheiser unveils MM400 and MM450 Travel Bluetooth headphones

Posted in Sennheiser by Shane McGlaun on August 25th, 2009

seenheisermm400-sbIf you travel a lot by air, you probably have invested in some sort of noise canceling headphones. The constant drone of the jet engines and that person next to you telling their life story can get old very quickly.

Sennheiser has unveiled a couple new Bluetooth headsets including one that is designed for the frequent traveler. The headsets are the MM400 and the MM 450 Travel. Both headsets are designed to work with smartphones and other devices. Both headsets fold flat for traveling.

Sennheiser HD 800 high end headphones

Posted in Sennheiser by Conner Flynn on January 11th, 2009

Sennheiser HD 800 high end headphonesThe latest entry from Sennheiser is the HD 800 a pair of high end headphones that have some style. If you have the scratch to buy them. Sennheiser’s stunning HD 800 headphones stood out when they debuted at CES, because of the innovation that went into making them.

The HD 800 features a new technology in the driver system which helps reduce the low-end distortion that all headphones suffer from. They’re doughnut shaped with Teflon-insulation and fabric-coated earpads. If you have a spare $1399.95, why not give them a go and let us know how they perform.

CES 2008

Sennheiser unveils first true wireless earphones

Posted in CES 2008,music,Sennheiser by Conner Flynn on January 4th, 2008

Sennheiser unveils first true wireless stereo earphones

The news just keeps coming in from CES 2008 and it hasn’t even officially started yet. Kleer.com announced today that Sennheiser has introduced the industry’s first true wireless stereo earphones based on Kleer’s wireless audio technology. The MX W1 wireless earphones are said to deliver crystal-clear CD-quality stereo sound, as well as providing extremely high immunity to noise in the crowded 2.4 GHz band. Since all Kleer-based products are compatible, the MX W1 earphones can receive wireless audio from any Kleer-based PMP.

The earphones come with a carrying case that also acts as a charger, and you can recharge the transmitter and receiver simultaneously via a connecting cable, without removing the transmitter from the player. With Kleer’s Listen In technology, two or more people with
MX W1 earphones can listen to the same audio stream at the same time. The MX W1 will be available in May of 2008.


Sennheiser reveals four new earphone models

Posted in Earbuds,Sennheiser by Nino Marchetti on September 14th, 2007

Sennheiser CX 500Sennheiser is known for putting out quality earphones. They’ve added four new models to the market recently which could well extend their reputation – the CX 500 ($130), CX 400 ($100), CX 55 Street ($80) and CX 95 Style ($140).

All of these in-ear earphones feature exchangeable adapter rings to provide a better fit inside one’s ear canal. The CX 400 has a short cord to make it more useful to those who wear MP3 players on their arm. The CX 500 is a higher end model with a a wider frequency response and special flange ear adapters. The CX 55 is targeted towards bass lovers and the stylish CX 95 offer what is described as enhanced comfort and a metallic look.

Sennheiser offers up new Bluetooth office headset

Posted in Bluetooth,Headsets,Office Gadgets,Sennheiser by Nino Marchetti on July 20th, 2007

Sennheiser BW900 Bluetooth HeadsetSennheiser said today it is making available for you cube farmers its most versatile wireless headset yet based upon Bluetooth. The Sennheiser BW900, priced at around $390, is out in the wilds now.

The Sennheiser BW900 offers up technology which adjust volume and mic sensitivity on the fly so you can have a better conversation. It can also learn your personal settings for later on. The headset has an ergonomic design and, because of the Bluetooth technology, can be connected to several different devices at the same time for a distance of up to 300 feet.