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PQI U510 – Credit Card Sized 32GB of Flash

Posted in Flash Memory,PQI,USB by Reuben Drake on August 3rd, 2007

PQI U510 USB Card Drive has capacity up to 32GBPQI has been at work packing more storage capacity in the same wallet-sized USB memory device. They’ve doubled the maximum capacity previously available in the super-slim, 3mm thick flash drive from 16GB up to 32GB. Now you can easily carry 32GB of data in a place as small as a credit card slot in your wallet.

The 32GB U510 connects via USB 2.0 with a slide-out dongle so there’s nothing making the card any larger, and no additional parts you need to have with you to make it work. It connects and transfers data like any other USB Flash memory device would except that it’s in a slimly designed frame instead of the shape of some animated character you’d be embarrassed to take out during a meeting. The 32GB PQI U510 is available now, retailing for around $285….