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Polar CS600 Wireless Cycling Computer

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Polar by Chris Weber on July 19th, 2007

Polar CS600 cycling computerPolar, who is best known for making heart rate monitoring and fitness development gadgets, has launched the Polar CS600 specifically for cyclists to monitor and improve performance. The CS600 monitors things like heart rate, speed, altitude and cadence (as a sold separate accessory) while riding and then uses that information to provide the most efficient rate to get you through a specific leg, such as a hill climb for example.

The device mounts on the handlebars of the bike and gathers information wirelessly and displays it on a large, customizable display. The CS600 has many features such as measuring energy consumption, cycling efficiency, recovery time and even power transfer to the bike.

The computer can use this information to perform things like an “OwnIndex” fitness test and an “OwnOptimizer” which helps the rider find the best balance between training and recovery. The Polar CS600 retails for …