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Push and Pull While Playing Around

Posted in Accessories,Controllers,Games,Novint by Chetz on June 19th, 2007

Novint Falcon 3 dimensional controllerForce feedback joysticks have been around for over a decade but there hasn’t been a stick made that could simulate the three dimensions of an object until Novint made the Falcon. If you think this unit looks like a robot rather than a joystick you would be right.

The joystick element of the controller is raised above the surface of the resting platform so when you grip it with your hand you’re pushing at it in three dimensions. Sensors detect any movement that your hand makes, updating the data to your machine a thousand times a second and producing instant movement on the screen.

Novint claims that the Falcon can simulate realistic “texture, shape, weight, dimension and dynamics” of objects on your screen, like the weight of a basketball or the recoil of your shotgun in a FPS. To prove it they also will …