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Mogo Mouse X54 Doubles as Media Remote

Posted in Mouse,Newton Peripherals by Darrin Olson on July 25th, 2007

Mogo Mouse X54 doubles as regular mouse and media remoteRemember that cool little Mogo Mouse we showed you last October that fit in your PC card slot to stow and charge? Well Mogo has new version called the Mogo Mouse X54 that stows just as nicely as its older sibling and comes with some equally cool features.

The mouse connects to your computer through Bluetooth and the back end of it fits into an ExpressCard slot for charging. The real feature of the X54 however is the devices dual function as a regular mouse and as a multimedia remote.

By flipping a switch on the bottom you can choose between the two modes. While in “mouse mode” you have the right, left and center buttons, a scroll pad and a “back” button. Switching it into “multimedia mode” uses the same buttons for controlling music or video playback. …

Tiniest USB Bluetooth Adapter

Posted in Bluetooth,Newton Peripherals by Chetz on January 14th, 2007

Mogo USB Bluetooth AdapterNewton Peripherals has had some pretty interesting peripherals devices in the past, including the MoGo Mouse, and while MoGo again doesn’t come up with innovative functionality, it certainly does make some innovative designs.

The MoGo Dapter is a Bluetooth adapter for those that can plug into a USB port on notebooks that do not have embedded Bluetooth functionality. What makes this adapter so special is simply it’s size. One plugged into a USB port the profile on this tiny MoGo Dapter makes it almost unnoticeable, sticking out only .4 inches from the USB port, and only .73 inches wide.

The Mogo Dapter works with PC’s and Mac’s, has a range of up to 30 feet and supports up to 7 slave devices.

Product Page [Newton Peripherals]

Mighty Mini MoGo Mouse

Posted in Mouse,Newton Peripherals by Darrin Olson on October 17th, 2006

MoGo MouseInnovation like this are great to see, and this one really caught my eye. At first glance I had no clue what it was, but soon learned that I was looking at wireless notebook mouse, the MoGo Mouse to be specific. The functionality of the MoGo mouse is not necessarily what makes this so cool for me, although they did pack all the functionality of a wireless Bluetooth mouse into a very small flat design.

The thing that makes this notebook mouse unique is that it happens to be the exact size of a PC card, and the MoGo Mouse happens to fit into a standard notebook PC card slot for storage. No mouse laying around in your laptop bag…cool. Also, no batteries that need replacing…way cool! While this mouse happens to be in the PC card slot, the PC just happens to charge it …