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Nintendo Wii Getting The Force From LucasArts

Posted in LucasArts,Star Wars,Wii by Darrin Olson on September 19th, 2007

LucasArts Star Wars The Force Unleashed for the Nintendo Wii game consoleLucasArts has announced that its sending The Force to Nintendo in early next year by providing Star Wars – The Force Unleashed for the Nintendo Wii. We all know just how much Nintendo is already dominating the game consoles market and this will certainly help them along.

The Force Unleashed will of course take advantage of the Wii’s motion sensitive remotes letting users wave the Wii Remote as a lightsaber as we all have dreamed of doing at one point or another. (I can’t wait to hear it make that signature swooshing sound effect.) The Nunchuk controller will also take part giving you another hand powered with The Force.

Developing a Fracture

Posted in Games,LucasArts by Chetz on May 7th, 2007

Fracture for PS3 from LucasArtsThe developers at LucasArts aren’t just about making games with lightsabers and TIE Fighters in them. A case in point comes in the shape of “Fracture”, one of their new titles now in development and slated for a mid-2008 release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Under development by Day 1 Studios, you step into the boots of Mason Briggs, a soldier from the mid 22nd century that uses weapons that can deform and manipulate the terrain around you to turn a physical disadvantage into a strategic advantage.

Suppose that there are enemy turrets on top of a walled structure and you want to get inside the building. You can lob a tectonic grenade and watch as the earth in front of the turrets rises up to block their shots. If you spot a break in the wall toss a …