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Leadtek LR9750 GPS

Posted in GPS,Leadtek by Chetz on July 26th, 2007

Leadtek LR9750 GPSLeadtek has a couple new additions coming to their GPS lineup in the near future, going by the names LR9750 and LR9752. The models only differ in that the LR9752 includes hands free Bluetooth calling where the LR9750 does not.

Aside from that they both have text to speech (TTS) to speak out street names to you and they double as a media player to play back music, video and to view photos. The GPS devices use SiRF Star III and even supports RDS/TMC to get you live information on the current traffic on your upcoming route.

The design of the Leadtek LR9750 keeps the device looking fairly sharp and petite with a large single wheel button on the front to make navigation quick and simple. This looks like a nice GPS and we’d like to factor in the cost but at this point for some reason …