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iRobot delivers its 3,000th PackBot

Posted in iRobot by Shane McGlaun on February 17th, 2010

Robots are a big deal around here and we are all anxiously waiting for the day when robots will clean the house, mow the lawn, and cook for us so we can spend more time on video games and Facebook. There are some robots already available like the iRobot vacuum cleaners for homes and some robots for law enforcement and military use.

One of the most common robots in the military is the iRobot PackBot. iRobot has announced that it has shipped its 3,000th PackBot since the device was introduced in 2007. The PackBot has tank treads and an articulating arm with a camera to show the remote driver what is going on.

iRobot introduces second generation Looj

Posted in iRobot by Conner Flynn on January 8th, 2009

iRobot introduces second generation LoojOut of all the robots they could have introduced, it had to be the Looj. That gutter cleaning bot that is cool from a practical standpoint, but not so cool as far as robots go.

According to them, it has new features to make it more efficient. It drives easily under gutter straps, propelled by a three-stage auger that dislodges and eliminates all of that nasty dirt and gunk. It sports a new antenna, smart speed, and a battery door that doesn’t need tools to be opened. Yeah, not much to jump up and down about, but hey, gutters will be clean.

iRobot’s gutter cleaning Looj

Posted in Home,iRobot,Robots by Darrin Olson on September 27th, 2007

iRobot Looj is a gutter cleaning robotYou have to admit that cleaning out gutters on your house in not an enjoyable task, and how cool would it be if you had some remote controlled robot that would clean them out for you? Well, we can think of a lot of little chores that a remote controlled robot would be handy for but that doesn’t mean anyone is going to make them. That’s why we were a little surprised to see this new gadget join the ranks of the iRobot crew.

iRobot ConnectR virtual visiting robot

Posted in iRobot,Robots by Matt on September 27th, 2007

iRobot ConnectR virtual visiting robotWith the ConnectR virtual visiting robot as your proxy, you can now hear, see and interact with someone far away using internet connectivity. The device is easy to set up, use and maintain and provides Privacy and internet Safety features to restrict access or shut down audio, video or both when necessary. Up to ten PINs can be used to access the robot to facilitate multi-user one-at-a-time visiting privilages. iRobot has had some pretty trippy ideas, but this one is the trippiest yet.

The high quality two-way audio/video camera makes visiting easy providing wide angle and 16.7x zoom with 220 degrees of tilt for total control over video image. The robot can be controlled remotely from a computer connected to the internet or by remote control or joystick to allow the visitor to virtually participate in the activities of the host party.

New iRobot Roomba 500 Series Vacuums

Posted in iRobot,Roomba,Vacuum by Chetz on August 22nd, 2007

New iRobot Roomba 500 series vacuum cleanersiRobot has today released a new series of its Roomba vacuuming robots, marking the first new model upgrade in about 3 years. The model comes with a number of new and improved features in three different versions; the 530, 560 and 570.

According to iRobot, the new Roomba’s are completely redesigned giving 100% more effective vacuuming. The higher-end 560 and 570 feature a 2.4GHz RF integrated with something called Virtual Wall Lighthouse. The Lighthouse system lets you put a RF-based “virtual lighthouse” in each doorway of your home. The Roomba will know not to pass through the doorway until a room is completed, and it will know not to go back through that doorway until the next time it’s scheduled to run.

Speaking of scheduling, the new 500 series vacuums now have scheduling built directly into the device. They also feature IR sensors …

Robotic Future Shock

Posted in iRobot,Robots by Chetz on June 29th, 2007

iRobot and Tazer to team up to make robots for miilitary and policeUh oh. Science fiction writers and directors have mined the idea of a robot revolution for decades, producing such classics as the “Terminator” film series. Doomsayers will take this next bit of news as evidence for humanity’s downfall as the Taser International corporation announced that it has teamed up with the iRobot Corporation to produce a new line of robots capable of delivering a shock charge to people.

These taser-equipped sentries will be sold to the military and police forces in the hopes of being used in a situation where non-lethal force is required to subdue an opponent. A human operator is still necessary to give the robot a command to subdue someone but already critics are warning that the day may come when the robot’s software is smarter and it doesn’t need a flesh …

Will the New iRobot Cook or Clean?

Posted in iRobot by Chetz on May 22nd, 2007

iRobot announces new robots but doesn’t give purpose.Yesterday iRobot co-founder and chairman Helen Greiner got the media and investors playing a game of 20 questions when she revealed that her company had two new consumer robots that it planned to introduce before the holiday season. When each person began asking questions like “Is it a new vacuum cleaner robot?” or “Will it have an arm to grab things?” Greiner quickly turned down the volume and refused to answer this latest version of animal/vegetable/mineral. “We want to have a real launch of any product we put out,” Greiner told the attendees. “We are going to launch them from our Web space, and they are not floor-cleaning robots. They are different types of robots with mechanical features.”

A quick look at the company’s website showed that they hadn’t decided to lift the veil of mystery surrounding the two new …


Private ‘SUGV Early’ Reporting As Ordered, Sir!

Posted in iRobot,Robots by Chetz on April 25th, 2007

iRobot and Boeing to make SUGV Early RobotIf you didn’t already know, the military has been using iRobot’s services for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, sending versions called PackBots specially made to sniff out IEDs and do scouting in dangerous places so that real humans aren’t in danger.

With over 900 PackBots sold and in use so far the iRobot Corporation and Boeing are teaming up to create a new next gen robotic scout that will serve in the military as well as private sectors. Dubbed the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) Early, this little droid will weigh less than 30 pounds, allowing troops to pack it into remote regions and then scout out areas for any enemy combatants or to map the terrain before moving troops ahead.

iRobot will design, develop and manufacture the Early robot while Boeing lends a hand with systems …

iRobot Verro Pool Cleaning Robot

Posted in iRobot,Robots,Vacuum by Chetz on April 12th, 2007

iRobot Verro Pool Cleaning RobotFirst the robots came to clean your carpets. Then they started washing the floors of your kitchen. Then they invaded the sanctity of your garage. Now they want to clean your pool.

Just in time for the summer the futuristic sounding iRobot Corporation has introduced the iRobot Verro Pool Cleaning Robot to make your dog days that much easier to get through. These people are the same ones that brought us the Roomba, so they probably know what they’re doing putting a semi-intelligent electronic device into the water with you.

After unpacking the robot you toss it into the pool where its vacuum starts to clean all that gunk left behind by you, like human hair, as well as the stuff dropped off by the wind that collects at the bottom of your pool.

iRobot claims that their two models, the Verro …

iRobot Roomba Discovery SE Model 4220

Posted in iRobot,Robots,Roomba,Vacuum by Quagmire on December 15th, 2006

iRobot Roomba Discovery SENow is your chance to own your very own Roomba vacuum. The iRobot Roomba Discovery SE is the top of the line Roomba with the very best of features.

The SE features include Dirt Detect, the self-charging Home Base, an extra-large debris bin, the Roomba Remote, three cleaning modes, and a Charging Wall Mount. The SE also includes the Advanced Power System which gives your Roomba the energy it needs to clean up to 4 rooms.

The Advanced Power System provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning power and recharges the battery in 3 hours – 60% faster than the original Roomba.

Buy.com has the iRobot Roomba Discovery SE for $164.99 with free shipping or $144.99 with Google checkout.

iRobot Roomba Discovery SE Vacuuming Robot Model 4220

iRobot Dirt Dog has some Neat Tricks

Posted in Home,iRobot,Robots by Quagmire on October 18th, 2006

iRobot Dirt DogiRobot released a new model to its line vacuuming robots. The iRobot Dirt Dog can be commanded to clean your garage by sweeping under workbenches, cars and other hard-to-reach places. This friendly Dog picks up all the nasty debris such as: nuts, bolts, dirt, and any other fragments from your shop floor.
Dirt Dog Features
The Dirt Dog sports high-speed, counter-rotating brushes to keep your workspace clean. The specially designed brushes sweep up dirt and debris that clings to rough surfaces. Cleanup is easy as the Dirt Dog features an easy-to-empty oversized Bagless Debris Bin which means there are no bags to worry about.

The Dirt Dog is powered by a 14.4 Volt Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery which can be fully charged in seven hours.

The Dirt Dog uses the iRobot AWARE Robot Intelligence System, Stair Avoidance System. Stair Avoidance System to keep your faithful …


iRobot Roomba Scheduler Vacuuming Robot with Intelli-Bin

Posted in iRobot,Roomba,Vacuum by Paul Patterson on August 31st, 2006

iRobot Roomba Scheduler Vacuuming Robot
I would have to say that vacuuming is my least favorite housecleaning activity. Like most people, I spend a lot of time away from my house and I don’t always have the time to clean when I am home. The problem is that I like to have a fairly clean house with minimal work when I do get home. Thankfully I can get a robot to do my cleaning for me.

The iRobot Roomba Scheduler Vacuuming Robot with Intelli-Bin is the latest vacuuming robot innovation from iRobot. This new, sleeker model offers all the features of the Roomba Scheduler, plus the added benefit of Intelli-Bin. Intelli-Bin takes the guesswork out of when to empty Roomba’s bin. An indicator light lets you know when your bin is full.

Go ahead and check vacuuming …