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CES 2008

Intempo Daisy wireless internet/FM radio

Posted in CES 2008,Intempo,Radio by Darrin Olson on January 14th, 2008

Daisy radio from Intempo does internet radio and FM radioIntempo has a new radio out that it claims to be the world’s first low-power internet and FM radio on the market. The Daisy radio features the ability to pick up as many as 6,000 different radio stations wirelessly through a Wi-Fi connection, provided you’re in range of one. If you’re not, the little radio can also pick up regular FM signals.

We haven’t seen a lot from Intempo lately but they kicked this device off at last weeks CES conference to start out their 2008 with a new product on the market. The radio features a somewhat unique design with an offset rectangle separating the speaker from the display. It has touch-sensitive controls on the right for navigating stations and volume and also features a clock and alarm. Internal batteries keep the device portable and give it up to 20 hours of playback.

Keep the Beat with PP01 from Intempo

Posted in Digital Audio,Intempo by Paul Patterson on October 1st, 2006

Intempo PP01The PP01 is a digital radio that has been designed to complement and enhance even the most beautiful and sophisticated living and working spaces. The PP01 has a super-slim footprint which allows you to personalize it with your own design or photo. Intempo has teamed up with the folks at mybiggerpicture.com to print personalized speaker covers for Intempo customers.

The PP01 works by swapping the interchangeable speaker cover for one that suits your style or mood. You can choose from a variety of standard pop-on covers or use your creative energies to make your own designs or use your favorite picture.

Some of the features of the PP01 include:

Ultra-slim Radio with 2 X 2W Flat Panel NXT Stereo Speakers
DAB and FM (RDS) digital radio (DAB band III)
Truly portable with integrated Rechargeable battery pack giving 20 hours from full charge (DAB) – ideal for bathrooms …