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US Automakers Hope Technology Can Boost Slumping Sales

Posted in Automotive,Ford,GM,News by Chris Weber on January 8th, 2007

US Auto manufacturers like Ford and GM are hoping hi-tech innovations will put sales into high gear. Ford recently announced a partnership with Microsoft to create Sync, a technology built into Ford vehicles that will allow the interface of devices like mobile phones and iPods to the automobiles sound system.


GM unveiled an all electric car that draws power from an onboard lithium-ion battery (just like an iPod!). GM calls this concept car “Volt.” GM tried and failed once before with its EV1 hybrid car. GM has improved on the features of the EV1 by increasing the passenger area, increasing the maximum spend and decreasing the charging time for the batteries. The car is unique in that the combustion engine is only used to charge the battery, not for actually propelling the vehicle. The Volt can either …