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Databreaker On Duty

Posted in DataBreaker,Security by Chetz on April 20th, 2007

DataBreakerIf you’re looking for another layer of security to protect your PC from the wild ravages of hackers and viruses, you may be interested in picking up the Databreaker. This piece of hardware connects to your wall socket/power bar and then to your router/modem, acting as another break-wall on top of the firewall and computer protection that you should already have.

What the Databreaker does is turn off your computer’s connection to the internet when you’re not accessing information, that way if someone were trying to access your machine they would have no entry mechanism when the actual electronic connection is severed. If you’re unfamiliar with firewalls or have doubts about the security of your system the $39.95 spent on the Databreaker may give you peace of mind especially if you tend to leave your computer on overnight or plugged in for long periods of time when …