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Best Buy Nexus S $100 on contract, two weeks only

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on March 10th, 2011

So you’ve been wanting a Nexus S, but have been on the fence. Well, get off that fence and into Best Buy. Best Buy has knocked a full $100 off the phone for a limited time only if you’re signing up for a contract.

From today until March 23rd you can get that price and apparently your local Best Buy doesn’t even need to be a T-Mobile dealer for you to get the deal. You’ll just need to get the phone shipped to you. Sound good? Snag up this deal before it goes away.

Best Buy Buy Back Program goes live

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on February 7th, 2011

Remember Best Buy’s Buy Back Program? It’s a program that allows you to sell your old electronics back to Best Buy for a percentage of its value, which you can then use to finance your new device.

Well, Best Buy has officially announced the program and it allows gadgets to be eligible without any additional cost through February 12th. Normally you need to spend about $70, depending on your device, to buy into the program.

Best Buy’s Buy Back Program gets official

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on January 10th, 2011

Wouldn’t you like to “future proof” your gadgets? Sure, we all would. And now we can, thanks to Best Buy’s Buy Back program. It will allow users to trade in their laptops, netbooks, tablets or smartphones for a percentage of the device’s original value. The company calls it “future proofing”. We call it, getting something for your old gadget, instead of just tossing it and getting nothing.

The Buy Back Program will start later this month and will cost $69.99 for laptops, netbooks and tablets. It’s $59.99 for mobile phones. When your device is covered, Best Buy will purchase the product back anytime within two years and you may receive up to 50 percent of the product’s original purchase price, paid back to you in the form of a Best Buy gift card, valid for six months.

World’s largest Nexus S at Best Buy

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on December 24th, 2010

If you are complaining about the Nexus S screen not being large enough for you, then Best Buy has something that they want to show you. A giant functional Nexus S that is on display in the store with a huge 42-inch display.

It’s a functional model with a working touchscreen display, live wallpaper, apps, and the other stuff associated with the Nexus S, but it is said to lag a lot in this larger version.


Best Buy drops restocking fees

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on December 19th, 2010

There are just five days left for Christmas shopping and Best Buy has the perfect gift for you at the perfect time. It has dropped it’s 15 percent restocking fee. That’s the fee that the company has been charging for a variety of product returns. It goes into effect immediately.

What this means to you is that computers, tablets, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, radar detectors, GPS units, all the stuff you really want, will no longer carry the fee. Even iPhones are exempt. Only special orders will still have the charge.

Best Buy throws in free PS3 with TVs

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on December 1st, 2010

Looks like now is a good time to buy a new TV if you also need a PS3. Best Buy has just announced some post-holiday deals that are valid until December 11. In the Sony PS3 bundle deals there are several discounts when a Sony TV is paired with a PS3, including a 46-inch LED-lit LCD with a 160GB PlayStation 3 for $1,300, which saves you $1,380. Not bad right?

A 3D-ready 46-inch LED TV with a PS3 will cost you $1,700, a savings of about $1,180. How about a 55-inch 3D-ready LED HDTV and the same PS3 for $2,200?

Best Buy offers free GPS with iPod touch, free smartphones

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on November 28th, 2010

Best Buy today has kicked off a post-Thanksgiving sale with a heavy emphasis on iPods. If you buy an 8GB fourth-generation iPod touch, you get a free GPS unit from the store’s in-house Insignia brand. Other iPods are also on sale, ranging from $5 for a fourth-generation iPod shuffle to $10 off new iPod nanos and $15 off the iPod classic.

It’s a good day to buy an iPod it seems. Zune too. If you want a Zune HD, you can also get a deal, as those who buy the 16GB or 32GB models can get a Zune HD AV Dock for free.


Best Buy launches Free Phone Fridays

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on September 29th, 2010

Times are tough, so it’s nice when companies give you a break and help your dollar go further. Best Buy is doing just that with a new promotion that will involve sales of smartphones from each US carrier without having to pay a penny, each Friday in October.

The phones do come with the mandatory 2-year contract. It all kicks off on October 1st, with the first free phones on sale being the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon Wireless, the BlackBerry Curve from Sprint, the HTC Aria from AT&T, and the Samsung Gravity 3 from T-Mobile.

Best Buy CEO: Death of notebooks is “greatly exaggerated”

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on September 19th, 2010

Best Buy chief Brian Dunn done a 180 and changed his tune on claims that the iPad cut notebook sales in half at his stores.

In a statement, he says that he did see “shifts in consumption patterns” towards the tablet but characterized it more as an “incremental opportunity” than the market redefining shift it first looked like. He compared his view on the death of notebooks to Mark Twain’s after the legendary false obituary. “The reports of the demise of these devices are grossly exaggerated,”.

Best Buy backs off the Samsung Gem

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on September 7th, 2010

You might remember last week when the Samsung Gem was listed in the Best Buy buyers guide. It was listed as “coming soon”, giving us the impression that it was in fact coming soon.

But now Best Buy has issued a statement about the device, claiming that it made a mistake and that there is no official launch date for the Samsung Gem just yet. They mention nothing else about the phone. All we can do is wait for the next leak and hope it comes soon.

Best Buy focusing on tablets this holiday season

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on August 22nd, 2010

If you happen to be at a Best Buy today, you’ll find just one tablet for sale: Apple’s iPad. But when this holiday season comes around, that will all change. According to Shawn Score, president of Best Buy Mobile, the company will be focusing on tablets during this years holidays.

He says that “Like e-readers over the last couple years, we think customers will think of Best Buy for tablets and expect us to have the right ones.” He didn’t confirm any models or brands, but we pretty much know which tablets to look out for.


Best Buy confirms Droid 2 at $199 with 2-year activation, $599 without

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on August 8th, 2010

There have been a ton of leaks up to this point, so it’s hard to believe that Verizon or Motorola have not yet acknowledged it’s existence. However Greg from North Carolina says that his local Best Buy has some of those leaked dummy units on shelves, along with some price tags.

Looks like the phone will launch at $199 with carrier subsidy and $599 without a plan. There’s still no solid confirmation of that August 12 release date, but we all know the score anyway.

Best Buy again taking pre-orders for the Motorola DROID X

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on July 6th, 2010

Those of you who haven’t placed a pre-order for the Motorola Droid X will be happy to hear that Best Buy has confirmed that it has resumed taking pre-orders for the phone. Best Buy had previously stopped accepting orders for the Droid X, which is scheduled to arrive on July 15th, due to low supplies.

Purchasing a $50 gift card will be enough to reserve your DROID X at Best Buy where the phone is expected to cost $199 after a $100 mail-in-rebate and a 2 year contract is signed. How many of you are planning on placing pre-orders?

Barnes & Noble WiFi only Nook available for pre-order

Posted in Best Buy by Shane McGlaun on June 21st, 2010

The original Nook eReader that Barnes & Noble unveiled had integrated 3G connectivity for downloading books on the go. Many people found that they only downloaded books at home and wanted a cheaper device without 3D and Barnes & Noble have complied.

The WiFi only version of the Nook has landed on BestBuy.com. You can pre-order the device at BestBuy.com for $149.99 with delivery by July 3. The device is just like the original Nook sans 3G.

Best Buy advertising higher prices as sales?

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on May 24th, 2010

Just because you see something advertised as a sale, it does not make it a sale. Just like everything you read on the internet is not true. The Consumerist reports that Best Buy seems to have begun advertising some laptops at prices that are higher than their regular price. Then they go ahead and take it one step further by placing “as advertised” signs on the laptops in the store, giving consumers the impression that they’re getting a sweet deal.

No, that ain’t right. But shoppers also need to be alert and not so trusting. A tipster specifically mentions laptops like the Dell and HP models advertised for $649.99 and $699.99 in the ad pictured above, which are $20 and $50 higher than their regular price. Other previous laptops advertised at higher prices also now seem to have gone back to the regular price.

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