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BluOnyx Mobile Content Server

Posted in Accessories,Agere Systems by Paul Patterson on December 19th, 2006

BluOnyx Mobile Content ServerMany people may get frustrated by the lack of memory and the inflexibility to access digital content on their mobile phones. The BluOnyx Mobile Content Server from Agere Systems is a device that gives mobile users unprecedented connectivity options and access to their digital content using just their cell phones.

The BluOnyx Server enables mobile users to share and stream music, pictures, video and other files to or from electronic devices ranging from cell phones, PCs, digital cameras, game consoles and PCs using a wide range of connectivity options.

The server doesn’t require a PC to operate; devices connect to the server wirelessly through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces or using USB cables or SD cards. The BluOnyx server can also be accessed directly or through a home or corporate network where it is seen as just another drive letter.

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