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Safari for Windows Sees Over 1 Million Downloads

Posted in Apple,News,Safari by Chris Weber on June 15th, 2007

Safari for Windows has over 1 million downloads in first 48 hoursIt looks like our estimate of thousands of downloads of Apple’s Safari web browser for Windows was a little bit on the conservative side. Apple has confirmed that there was over 1 million downloads of the browser withing 48 hours of its release last Monday. While this may sound impressive for most companies this product has a lot to live up to, even in cross-over world of PC’s since it’s iTunes sibling has had over 500 million downloads for use on Windows machines.

Safari as a whole also has a long way to go in the browser market as well. According to Apple the browser has about 5 percent of the market compared to the 15 percent of Mozilla and the strong 80% lead that IE continues to hold. A rocky start with some security

Apple Fixes Security Holes in Windows Safari

Posted in Apple,Browsers,News,Safari by Chris Weber on June 14th, 2007

Apple updates Safari for Windows to 3.0.1 to fix bugsIt was only Monday that Apple announced and released the Safari web browser for Windows touting unmatched security and speed. While these features may hold true for Safari on the Mac, within hours of the release significant vulnerabilities started cropping up from three different independent researches testing out the browser in the new Windows environment. When all was said and done, eight different security risks were uncovered in the Safari 3 public beta for Windows.

The good news is that Apple was quick to respond in addressing the issues and pushing out a new version of the Safari 3 beta only four days later with version 3.0.1 available to download through the Apple website.

The new version is a recommended update to avoid security risks through using the web browser, but unless you really need the …

Security Flaws Found in Safari for Windows

Posted in Browsers,Safari,Windows by Reuben Drake on June 12th, 2007

Bugs found on Safari web browser for windows within hours of launchYesterday among a number of other announcements Steve Jobs unveiled the release of the Safari web browser for Windows as a public beta version. The browser had previously only been available for the Mac. If you were one of the likely thousands like me that downloaded the browser to try out on a Windows box, you may want to be careful with it for a little longer.

Within only a few hours, (some within a few minutes) of its release as many as six bugs were found in the browser were found and reported by independent researchers. The flaws included memory corruption errors and denial of service crash’s. All three of the reports were on Windows based versions of the Safari browser, but it was neither confirmed nor denied if these same flaws existed in the …

Safari For iPhone Developers and Windows

Posted in Apple,Browsers,iPhone,News,Safari by Chris Weber on June 11th, 2007

Apple opens up the iPhone to developers through the Safari web browserShortly after the iPhone was announced questions rose by many about the ability to write 3rd party applications on the OS X platform similar to what is done for the Mac. In a couple of interviews Jobs let us know that OS for the iPhone would not be open to developers to the dismay of many.

Today at the WWDC 2007 Jobs released some information and demonstrations of Apple’s new Leopard OS along with news to developers about the iPhone. Opening up the platform while still maintaining a secure environment has been a challenge for Apple, but they made what Jobs described as a “sweet” compromise. They didn’t open up the OS, but will let developers build applications that run on the Safari web browser engine on the iPhone.

This will allow developers to build web …