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Kohler C3 Toilet Seat Bidet with remote

Posted in Bath by Conner Flynn on August 21st, 2008

Kohler C3 Toilet Seat Bidet with remote
This kind of high tech toiletry has been popular for some time in Japan. Now Kohler is bringing it to the U.S. The Kohler C3 seems like a futuristic butt washing odyssey. I mean, a toilet seat that has it’s own remote? That’s right. Kohler’s bidet technology is built into a toilet seat that attaches to your existing toilet. What you get is a temperature controlled, aromatic cleansing that almost eliminates the need for toilet paper. Almost.

It’s very customizable and comes with two programmable presets that can accommodate two separate users of different sizes. Everything is controlled with a wireless remote that sports it’s own magnetic holder that keeps it on the wall. It should be noted that though it’s a receptacle for waste, it wont waste energy as the in-line heater warms the water on an as-needed basis. Another green bonus is that you will be using far less toilet paper, which will save a tree or two. What do you think? Ready for a high-tech ride on a magic seat? It will cost you $950.

Passing the time

Posted in Bath,Concepts,Home by Chetz on October 10th, 2007

Snowtone wastebasket concept has a top shaped to hold a magazineLiving in a cramped apartment where space is a premium? Is your washroom smaller than the phone booth Clark Kent changes in to become Superman? Then pray that Stephen Hauser’s latest addition to his Snowtone design collection comes to pass. It’s a chrome-plated wastebasket that has its top shaped into the visage of an open magazine, making it perfect and handy for those times that you, uh, need to read in the bathroom. You could take your Snowtone dustbin out of the bathroom and place it elsewhere in your abode but that kind of defeats the primary purpose of it, no?

Automatic Toilet Paper Dispenser

Posted in Bath by Darrin Olson on July 9th, 2007

Automatic toilet paper dispenser from Kimberly ClarkKimberly-Clark claims they are “crossing the final touchless restroom frontier” with their brand new electronic toilet paper dispenser. This is a real product announced today which we were surprised to see at first but after thinking about it, it seems like an obvious thing someone should have come up with a long time ago.

The automatic toilet paper dispenser has a surprising number of features as well. Through controlling the amount of dispensed toilet paper electronically Kimberly-Clark feels they can cut down overall tissue use by up to 20%. The dispensing sizes are configured by the owner of the device and can be set in length settings of short (16″), medium (20″) and long (24″). I would suppose this setting would depend on general demographics of those that frequent the restroom?

The device also has LED indicator lights to let the janitorial staff …

Dyson Airblade Dries Hands Properly

Posted in Bath,Dyson by Paul Patterson on October 9th, 2006

Dyson Airblade

Finally, a breakthrough in hand drying technology has arrived. The Dyson Airblade is another breakthrough product from British vacuum cleaner company Dyson. The Airblade is touted as being more energy efficient, faster, and more hygienic than any other hand dryer on the market. The Dyson Airblade takes just 10 seconds to dry hands, thus allowing you to do your business and get out and hopefully avoid any uncomfortable bathroom talk with overly-friendly strangers.

Energy Efficient
Dyson claims that the Airblade uses up to 83% less energy than other hand dryers. This energy savings is due to the Dyson Digital Motor which consumes just 1600W of energy, where other hand dryer motors typically require 2400W of power. An additional energy savings is gained with the standby mode which allows the Airblade to use just 1W where other hand dryers consume up to 5W of energy …

On-Target Urinal Helps You Pee Accurately

Posted in Bath,Humor by Darrin Olson on September 10th, 2006

On TargetPictured here is the “On Target” urinal from Marcel Neundorfer.
In an effort to improve male customers aim and subsequently the overall hygiene in the restroom this high tech interactive urinal was developed. It has a screen inside that responds interactively to the pressure of a liquid stream, displaying different sounds and pictures depending on how accurate the user is.
This is a definite improvement from the normal made up peeing games you might have had while using a public urinal, but in my mind still does not beat the Great American High Wiz my neighbors would perform from their rooftop when we were all kids.