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TABI Tablet Holder

Posted in Accessories by Tam Yue on September 16th, 2014

TabiThis is so simple and so genius all at once, it makes us think; “Why didn’t I think of that!” But we didn’t, the guys at Bondi did, so we are just going to write about it.

TABI is a device that makes holding your large smartphone or tablet so much easier. Let’s face it, most of us have a tablet and most of us use it all the time. We have actually heard of people’s fingers going numb because they are on their mobile devices so much. This sweet little invention will help make using your tablet much more convenient.

TABI is a basically a stretchable band with two prong claws on each end that hook on to the top and bottom of the tablet so you can slip your hand between it and the tablet to improve your grip. There is also a hook on the end of the TABI so you can hang it up, making things like following a recipe easier. Or hang it on the back of a front seat in the car so the kids can watch their shows or play their favorite app while you drive in peace. They made a nice little video to show the many uses of TABI.

They have a Kickstarter launching on Sept 24th for this product so check them out on their website. We found another cool product of theirs call the Bandi which is similar to the TABI but can be used with cell phone and has many other uses.

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