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Beach Vault

Posted in Security by Tam Yue on June 9th, 2014

Beach VaultThis is creative genius.

We have all been to the beach with our bag of precious things; cell phone, camera, purse, wallet. And we worry about these “things” getting ripped off by someone while we are laying there basking in the sun or out in the water.

Bring on the Beach Vault. The Vault is a container that looks like that of a screw, which is actually very important to the functionality of this product. You don’t have to dig a hole, all you do is turn the Vault into the sand and it buries itself. You remove the lid and you can store all of your valuables inside. It is large enough to hold a tablet, two wallets, cell phones, keys and you will still have room left over. And not only that, the Vault is water tight.

Another amazing thing about this product is it comes with a towel that you store inside the Vault while not in use. The towel serves as more than its usually purpose; it also works as a way to hide your vault. It has a hole in it that fits perfectly around the top of the Vault and from there you can cover it up with a pillow to gain access discretely.

The inventor of this product is Marcal DaCunha and he has started a Kickstarter campaign where a pledge of $35 can get you one of your own. We think this is a must have for any avid beach goer.

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