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SpinChill: Cold Beer in 60 Seconds

Posted in Coolers by Tam Yue on May 23rd, 2014

SpinChillTake two really smart Mechanical Engineers from the University of Florida, give them a luke warm beer and they come up with a brilliant idea. They used their knowledge of engineering, heat transfer and their love of cold beer to come up with the SpinChill.

They found that cooling a container of liquid in a tub of ice took much longer than if that container was constantly spinning. The reason for this has to do with heat transfer. If the container is just sitting in the ice the outside layer of the liquid cools and it insulates the inner liquid which slows down the overall cooling process. By spinning the container it allows the warm liquid in the center to reach the outer edge where it can be cooled instantly.

You would think that by spinning a can of a carbonated beverage it would make it explode and spray everywhere upon opening. Again, these guys are pretty smart and go into great detail on their site about the difference between shaking a can and spinning one. We won’t go into that amount of detail in this post, but trust us, it won’t explode. Immediately after spinchill-ing your beverage, you can open the can and have a nice refreshingly cold beverage in 60 seconds.

One of the things we wondered about was bottled beverages. It says on their site: “The Spin Chill quickly cools almost any container of beer, soda, or wine by spinning it in ice.” But they don’t show it being used with any bottled beverage. For $29.99 you can own one of these now, or for $12.00 you can buy just their “Chill Bit” which has an adapter to run off of your own drill.

via Gadgeteer

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