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Scio Pocket Molecular Scanner

Posted in Health by Tam Yue on May 27th, 2014

Scio Molecular ScannerHow would you like your very own mass spectrometer that is small enough to fit in your pocket? Or, maybe the question we should ask is; who wouldn’t like their very own mass spectrometer?

Bring on Scio, made by the guys over at Consumer Physics, this is the first molecular scanner that can fit in the palm of your hand. Scio is a device that can scan physical objects and tell you their chemical make up. You want to know what exactly is in that medication your Dr prescribed to you, this little device can tell you just by scanning one of the pills.

Scio could also revolutionize the way we eat. It is not another fad dieting technique, it can analyze the number of calories, fat, carbohydrates, and proteins based on the estimated weight of a food you are about to consume. That doughnut that you think is “only about 100 calories”, well, now you can find out for sure. So combine Scio with the fitness app on your phone you can find out exact numbers for the calories in verses calories out way of dieting. It will even be able to tell you the ripeness of a piece of fruit or if that salad dressing is really expired. It also has the ability to scan plants and tell you the moisture level so you know if they need to be watered.

The first app that you will receive when purchasing Scio is one that can analyze medications, food, and plants. You scan the object and your phone will tell you via that app the the information you are looking for. The hope is that one day this technology could be built right into the smart phones of the future. As for right now, you will have to have the scanner itself and an iOS5 or Andriod 4.3 or better.

The kickstarter campaign for Scio is through the roof. They had a goal of $200,000 and 48 hours after they launched the campaign they were at $400,000. There is 19 days left and the total on their page says they are over $2 million mark. We can not wait to see this device in action for ourselves and at $149 you can easily get one of your own as well.

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