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Cloud-Connected Bike Lock

Posted in Security by Tam Yue on May 15th, 2014

skylockWe are sure all of you have seen the episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard send the internet signal around the world to turn on the lamp in their apartment, right? And when Penny asks “Why?” the answer is simple “Because we can.” Duh.

That’s what makes the cloud-connected bike so super cool among all the bike locks. Because Skylockcan. These guys have invented a solar powered bike lock that you control with your smartphone through the cloud. There is no key to lose, or as what happened to one of us here recently, no key can be broken off in the lock so you need to call the lock and key guy to come save the day. You can unlock it one of two ways, tapping in the key code, or you can use your smartphone.

This bike lock can also be a security alert system for your bike. Your phone will be sent an alert if someone moves or shakes the parked bike longer than than it should be. That same system can also detect if you have come to a sudden stop and can determine if you and your phone are farther away from the lock than you should be when someone is messing with it. It will send you a message on your phone to see if you are okay, and if there is no answer help is alerted.

It’s a little bit of an expensive bike lock at $159 but if you can, why not?

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